Why Do Dachshund Dogs Have Bad Breath?

Dachshunds are lovable dogs. Apart from distinct appearance, they’re friendly and curious creatures as well. But they are also prone to several health issues and that may include bad breath.

If you’ve owned a dachshund, it’s not uncommon to be greeted with stinky kisses from your dog. It’s something that almost every dachshund owner has gone through.

But what causes this problem, and how can it be fixed?


Is Bad Breath Normal?

Dachshunds don’t smell as bad as some breeds. In fact, they don’t really smell at all, especially when properly groomed. But bad breath has become normal when it comes to dachshunds.

Since it has become a common occurrence, is bad breath really normal? Why do dachshunds have bad breath?

Bad breath is a sign of a health problem. It’s the norm for us humans, and it’s the same for our dogs. While you can fix this instantly with a doggy breath mint, it will come back. That’s because you haven’t fixed the root of the problem.

Why Does My Dachshund Have Bad Breath?

If your dog loves to kiss you but you can’t handle the bad breath, it’s time to fix it. Here are the most possible causes of this problem:

Dental Issues

Dachshunds are more prone to gum and teeth problems. Tartar builds up, and bacteria surrounds the teeth and gums. This is more commonly referred to as periodontal disease.

In fact, 80% of dachshunds will suffer from dental disease by their third birthday. This is according to Dachshund Rescue Australia. These dogs have a tiny mouth filled with 42 adult teeth.

It can become overcrowded in there, so food particles will be left behind. This causes plaque and tartar build-up. Besides bad breath, untreated periodontal disease could also cause tooth decay. 

Bad oral health may end up giving your dog pain and discomfort. Gingivitis may even affect their heart.

Other Health Problems

Several other health problems like diabetes and kidney diseases can cause bad breath. Diabetes in dogs results in a sweet, fruity breath. Meanwhile, kidney problems will make your dog’s breath smell like urine.

Liver disease can also be the root cause of bad breath. They’ll vomit and have foul breath. If they also have a low appetite, and yellow-tinged gums, visit the vet immediately.

dog yawning


But you’ve been brushing your dog’s teeth regularly. You’re also following the vet’s suggestions to keep their teeth and gums healthy. What may be the cause if they still have bad breath?

It may be because of their panting.

Open-mouth panting may contribute to bad breath. This happens when it’s hot outside or they’ve exerted too much energy. Ensure you keep them cool and never over-exercise them.

One thing you have to remember is that dachshunds can’t run or play for too long. Their anatomy makes it harder for them.


It may also be the food that they have eaten. Before you panic and think it’s a serious dental problem, check what they ate first.

Dogs can be gross at times. Your dog might have ransacked the garbage, or they have come across a dead animal. It’s no wonder their breath is stinky.

Worse of all, some dogs like poop. They’ll eat cat poop or even theirs. These gross and unhygienic habits should be avoided at all costs.

How to Fix Bad Breath in Dachshunds

In order to fix a problem, you have to know the cause. That’s the same with trying to cure your dachshund’s stinky breath. Try to investigate their habits and treat them accordingly.

If it’s because of their unhygienic and gross-eating habits, make sure to train them well. Keep garbage cans away from them. Or keep it close at all times.

Keep the litter box away from them as well. You can work with a professional trainer to help them remove unruly and gross behaviors.

If the root cause is caused by dental problems, schedule an appointment with the vet. They’ll check if your dog needs a dental cleaning. They’ll also have to check them and see if they can handle anesthesia.

Besides dental cleaning, they may also have to remove damaged or loose teeth.

This appointment is also a good chance to learn of any health problems your dog may have. Vets can rule out possible issues like kidney and liver problems.

Preventing Bad Breath

The best and easiest way to prevent bad breath in your dachshund is to brush their teeth. If you have to do it daily and the vet recommends it, do so. You can also offer them treats that are specifically made to avoid dental problems.

dachshund licking its nose

Brushing their teeth will remove plaque and avoid build-up. Plus, it ensures they have better oral health. The first time may be hard, but a little training will make your dog enjoy brushing.

Track and check your dog’s health on a regular basis as well. Ensure they are always in top shape.

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