Why Chihuahuas Are the Best Dogs

Chihuahuas are the oldest breed recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They are also the smallest among all dog breeds. And if you are still wondering if they are less than the best, then read further and see for yourself.


The main reason for some people’s doubts is their misconceptions about Chihuahuas. But misconceptions are simply that—not accurate and baseless. Here are some misconceptions that we are glad to prove you wrong:

Chihuahuas are noisy.

This is not true. Chihuahuas will bark if they see someone unfamiliar, but they are not really fond of barking. Some owners even claim that their Chihuahuas are afraid of their own bark.

Chihuahuas cannot protect you and your home.

Do not judge a book by its cover. Being tiny does not mean it cannot protect you and your home. Chihuahuas are feisty, and they have a big personality. It is not easy to intimidate this little one.

They are a girly breed.

This is false. There is no perfect gender for a Chihuahua owner. Anyone can own a Chihuahua. The only credential needed is your genuine love for dogs.

woman holding chihuahua

They hate everyone and love only one person.

This is another big misconception. A Chihuahua’s personality and ability to socialize depends largely on the owner—on how it is raised and trained. If you are able to socialize them when they are still puppies, they will be friendly to you and even to other dogs. However, they would love to spend most of their time with their owner.

They are only good as purse dogs.

Another misconception. While it is true that Chihuahuas are good purse dogs because they are very handy, the word only is very limiting and should be removed. If you train your dog well, it can become more than just a typical purse dog. Chihuahuas have big personalities, and they do not think of themselves as small.

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chihuahua in bedsheet

Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are the Best

They are tiny and handy.

This is where their tiny size becomes an advantage. Most dog owners worry about bringing their dog along when they travel, but with the Chihuahua, you won’t have the same problem. In fact, you can carry your tiny friend on one hand and use your other hand to carry your bag.

They are perfect for small spaces and tiny homes.

This is another size advantage. Chihuahuas are so tiny they don’t require much room in your home. So if you live in a small apartment, this is the best dog for you. As long as you let them steal a small spot on your bed, they will be more than happy.

They are naturally funny.

It’s hard to make anyone laugh. Good actors say that they find it more difficult to convince their audience to laugh than to make them cry. But Chihuahuas don’t share the same sentiment. They are funny without knowing it. It’s a natural talent!

Watch this funny dog compilation featuring 100 Chihuahuas at their funniest.

They enjoy a long life.

This breed enjoys a long life expectancy, from 16 years to beyond. It also helps that you, as the owner, take good care of this breed for it to enjoy not just a long life but also a healthy one.

They are brainy and trainable.

Because of their body size, Chihuahuas are considered to have the biggest brain, which must be the main reason for their high intelligence. If you train them while they are young, you will find training them painless as they can pick up things and follow commands easily.

They need less exercise and are easy to groom.

Unlike large-breed dogs, Chihuahuas only need a little exercise. So if you’re busy, just give them a little playtime or walk time and they will be fine. Also grooming would be a breeze. A small dog means smaller poop, so cleaning up shouldn’t take much time and effort.

chihuahua head covered with foam

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They are good dressers.

Chihuahuas don’t really like to dress, but their owners love to dress them and they don’t complain. When you let them wear something, you can be sure that they will look good wearing it. It’s part of their natural charm.

They don’t ask much.

Contrary to a lot of misconceptions, Chihuahuas are not demanding pets. They only need a little of everything—little space, little exercise, little food. Just don’t forget to shower them with love and affection.

They are absolutely devoted.

This will make any dog lover happy—to own a loyal and devoted dog. And if ever you want a pet that will give you absolute devotion, you will never go wrong with getting a Chihuahua.

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