Which Labrador Has The Best Temperament?

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When choosing which dog to get, we always find a breed with a great temperament. One of the best breeds to get is the Labrador retriever. These dogs have an amazing temperament. That’s why they’re a popular breed among families. Before you decide which breed to adopt, ask yourself and find the answer to this question: Which labrador has the best temperament?

In fact, these dogs are too popular that they ranked first in breed popularity by the AKC.

But there are people who believe that color affects a Labrador’s temperament. Is this true? And if it is, then which Labrador has the best personality?


Labrador Retriever Temperament

Let’s talk about the general temperament of Labrador retrievers first.

Labs are well-loved by families and dog lovers because of their friendly personalities. They have an eager to please attitude and are very sweet to their humans. These dogs are also active and outgoing personality.

Families with small children don’t have to worry. Labrador retrievers are amazing with kids. They’re patient and love playing with children and bond with the rest of the family.

Labs are sociable and go along well with strangers, neighbors, and even other dogs. They tolerate most types of animals – even cats.

Training is easier with these dogs. Since they love pleasing their humans, they learn faster. Plus, they’re highly intelligent dogs so teaching them complicated tricks is possible.

Labradors are perfect for almost anyone. If you’re an active person, this dog can keep up with you. If your family is more laid-back and chill, they’d adapt well. But remember to still give them daily walks.

Your Lab may not be the best watchdog, but they will still do anything to protect their human. They have a loud bark that can alarm you when they sense something bad.

Does Color Affect Temperament?

According to Labrador owners, yellow Labs are the sweetest. The black Labradors are best for hunting and that chocolate Labs are wild and messy.

There have been several studies done to try to get to the bottom of this. But there is no scientific evidence to back this up until today. Each dog has a unique personality.

This may be the reason why people believe they’re different.

The color of your dog is affected by the genes of its parents. It’s possible for a litter to have different colors. For example, your black Lab may have a white spot and so on.

Color’s Effect On Health

Recently, scientists discovered chocolate Labs have a shorter lifespan than yellow and black Labs. It seems like their color does affect something – but not their temperament. Rather, it affects their health.

Chocolate Labrador retrievers get skin diseases and ear infections more than the others. The genes of these Labs bring more diseases. In return, it shortens their life expectancy.

What Affects Labrador Temperament?

But is there anything that can affect your dog’s temperament?

Actually, there is. Labrador retrievers in the US are bred for either show lines or field lines. Those in the field lines were bred to specifically help hunters. These hunting dogs are more energetic than the common Lab and is more driven.

Field Labs also tend to be a little hyper than the normal.

Meanwhile, show labs were bred following AKC’s breed standard. Dogs under this line have an even temperament. They have amazing energy and while they can hunt, they’re not as fast as in the field lines.

But dogs in both lines still possess amazing companionship qualities. These dogs still make amazing house pets regardless of their line. The only difference is you need to be more patient with field lines. They’ll need more exercise and more training.

Other Factors That Affect Temperament

Color may not affect your Labrador retriever’s personality. But the line they’re bred for can. So, what other factors can actually affect your Lab’s temperament?


Dogs who socialize more tend to be more friendly towards other dogs and humans. It should start within your dog’s litter. Don’t separate them especially the first five months.

The first half of a dog’s year is the time when they are most affected by things around them. The closer they are with the litter, the more sociable your dog becomes.

Introduce other dogs and animals to your dog as well. That way, you can avoid aggressiveness or anxiety in your dog.


Pretty much everything about your dog’s surrounding can affect their personality. But their owner’s treatment of them is the most active factor.

Many dogs are misunderstood because of a harsh environment. Your Labrador retriever may even become harmful when exposed to such treatment. That’s why it’s important that you never punish your dog by harming them.

Give your dog love and the only thing they do is love you back.

Conclusion: Which Labrador Has The Best Temperament?

Labrador retrievers are amazing pets regardless of what color they are. So when you ask which Labrador has the best temperament, you are in fact, asking, how do I train and care for my labrador to get the best temperament. In the end, the best Lab color depends on your preference, not by how it “affects” the dog.

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