When Are Dachshund Puppies Full Grown?

Do you have a dachshund puppy but know nothing about it? Or are you planning to get one but wants to know the nitty-gritty first? Either way, one of your curious questions must be, “When are dachshund puppies full grown?”

The dachshund—also known as the wiener dog because of its long body that resembles a hotdog—is an adorable breed. Choosing this breed, especially for first-time pet owners, is a good decision. Read more and learn when a dachshund becomes full grown.

The Main Question: When Are Dachshund Puppies Full Grown?


The distinctive features of the dachshund make it a unique and endearing breed. Since this doggo has short legs, you can expect that it will be shorter than the average-size breeds. But how can you tell if your dachshund puppy has already reached its full-grown size?

Here are the things that you should know to determine if your dachshund has fully grown:

  • Two types of a dachshund breed 

If you are one of the unaware pet owners, this must be news to you—there are two kinds of dachshunds based on its size: the miniature size and the standard size. Each type has its own height and weight allocation. Both types have three coat varieties: short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired.

Depending on your feeding and care plan, the miniature doggo will weigh around 11 pounds when it reaches its 12th month. By that time, it will also stand about 5 to 7 inches, and then it will stop growing.

The standard-size dachshund, on the other hand, appears much longer and taller than the miniature one. It weighs between 16 and 32 pounds and is around 8 to 9 inches tall when fully grown. Many breeders and pet owners claim that the dachshund will stop growing before it reaches a year old, mostly between the sixth and eighth month.

a puppy dachshund


  • Physical features

When your dachshund reaches its eighth-month mark, you will already have an overview of how tall and large your dog will be in the end. Your dachshund, like many dog breeds, will keep its youthful look for the first few years of its adult phase, but its growth will halt.

The easiest way to determine if your dachshund is full-grown is to look at its parents or siblings. You can ask your relatives or friends who own a dachshund for information and references. If you don’t have this option, though, you need not worry because the physical features are not the only determining factor.

  • Behavior

If you can’t have a physical reference, you can check on your dachshund’s behavior. Yes, this adorable canine friend is intelligent and energetic enough to give hints to their development phase. 

One major change is that your dachshund will learn to become more independent as it grows. You will notice it doing its routines without your constant repetition of commands. Another thing is its appetite will also increase by the day.

After 12 months, your dachshund will undergo a temperament change. You can expect it to be calmer, but it will still long for your companionship and need physical exercise. During this stage, it is best to take care of your pet’s nutrition and workout needs.

Caring Tips for a Growing Dachshund

Your role as a pet owner is vital to a growing dachshund. After all, it is still up to your care and training that a dog will grow healthy regardless of the breed. Here are our unfailing tips that will help you raise a healthy pooch.

  • Proper nutrition

Ensuring that your pupper gets good nutrition is your sole responsibility. Since the dachshund belongs to the small-breed category, you should also feed it food that is fitting for its size. Keep in mind that the food of a puppy is different from that of an adult dog. 


When you visit a reputable dog food company, you can ask the salesperson for assistance on what product is suitable for your puppy or growing pooch. Just make sure you do not feed your pet human food. 

  • Physical Exercise and Mental Stimulation

You can expect a growing dachshund to be lively and full of energy. Make sure you give your pooch a daily exercise. Since a dachshund is a small breed, it doesn’t need a long and vigorous workout. A daily thirty-minute walk or playtime will do.

In addition to a physical exercise, mental stimulation is also crucial because a dachshund is a curious breed. It will get bored without it. Giving your pupper a good chew toy or a Kong will do the job. 

  • Good grooming

Bathing your dog ensures good hygiene. Give your pupper occasional baths, perhaps once every two weeks or once a month. Do not bathe your pet too often to avoid stripping too much oil from the skin.

In addition, brush your growing pupper’s coat and teeth. Check also its ears and nails, and clean them when needed. 


When are dachshund puppies full grown? If you have been asking this for a while, then you must know the answer by now. Don’t forget to give your pooch a proper home and lots of love. That way, you will have not only a healthy pet but also a happy one. 

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