Veterans Coming Home: Dogs versus Cats

Our soldiers and veterans have sacrificed a lot for the safety and peace of our country. They have to be separated with their families and their pets have to wonder where they are for all the months and years they’re gone.

But dogs have a rather different reaction compared to cats when it comes to being reunited with humans. It’s a roller coaster ride where you feel your emotions have been played with – so prepare for that as we compare reunions with cats and dogs.

Either way, it’s an adorable and heartwarming reunion.

1. Two brave souls reunited at last.


2. Cats are good. But not good at reunions.


3. Bomb-sniffing dog finally gets adopted and reunited with his partner after his retirement…


4. …and then there’s this cat.


5. Happy to see hooman!


6. Well, maybe the cat just forgot its hooman’s face?


7. They’re so happy Daddy’s home!


8. This cat? Not so much, maybe?


9. But not all cats are snobs. Here’s one who definitely missed his hooman.


10. Lastly, it’s safe to say dogs have always been more attached to their families, right?


Is your cat the same as most of these cats or are they more clingy? Know anymore touching reunion stories? Let us know in the comment section below!

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