Too Fluffy To Function: 13 Fluffiest Dog GIFs That Will Make You Stop and Stare

Fun fact: Fluffy dogs have hair, not fur. That’s how they grow longer and have less dander than other dog breeds. They are usually hypoallergenic, but mostly, they are just too fluffy for words!

Here are some adorable GIFs of fluffy dogs you’ll want to stare at all day. I know I did!

The Great Escape

chow puppy bowl


Attack of the Fluffs

husky pups


Cream Puff Fluff


As Fluffy as the Rug


Slowmo Fluff

malamute puppy


Bubble Puff

shih txu bubble


That Hair Volume Tho


Dancing with the Fluffs


Elton Fluff


Fluffy Ears Too!


Fluffy Spring Roll


Vidal Sassoon Fluff


Teacup Fluff

Want more fluffiness and puffiness? Share your fluffy pets and tell us what you want to see next in the comment section below!

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