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The Best Gym Buddies: 10 Doggos that Will Motivate you to Workout

They say the best way to motivate yourself to go to the gym and work out is to find a gym buddy – and some people found the best ones yet. These amazing and adorable dogs just proved to their hoomans that they can be the best gym buddies and maybe even workout coach in the world!

And we’re not just talking about some good old walking and running with them. Your pup could get you motivated to do your dreaded push-ups or planks.

Here are some of the best GIFs that prove dogs are indeed man’s best friend (and best gym buddies)!

1. How to do the squats right

2. “You gotta jump higher, Janet!”


dog gym buddies

4. When you have to work out but your dog wants to play…

working out with my dog
5. Work hard. Play harder.

work hard play hard

6. Where do I sign up for this yoga class?

pug yoga

7. Gym Squad Goals

treadmill dogs

8. “Lower John!”

9. Is there anything more adorable than this?

10. How do you think she got those toned thighs?

BONUS: If this little doggo doesn’t spark anything in you to start jogging, I don’t know what else would.

Enjoyed these GIFs? Let us know down below which ones are your favorite!

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