The Best Dog Food for Weight Loss and Tips for Overweight Dogs

sad white dog sitting outdoors

A National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey done in 2014 found that over 50% of dogs in America are obese. Several surveys conducted in different parts of the world have shown almost similar results, that overweight pets are a global problem. While a chubby pet will score highly on the cute and cuddly scale, the …

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The Best Grain Free Dog Food: Including Dry and Wet Types

Pet parents often worry when their beloved dogs have food allergies and sensitivities. They understand how troublesome it is to search for the appropriate diet. If your vet has diagnosed your fur baby to have issues when consuming grains, you can now begin the hunt for the best grain-free dog food. However, you’ll soon discover …

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The Best Dog Food for Allergies: Keeping Sensitive Skin Itch-Free

gray dachshund puppy lying on the floor

Pet parents, like me, are very picky with the dog food that we give to our fur babies because we don’t want them to suffer from skin allergies or upset stomachs. However, it’s troublesome to search through hundreds, if not thousands, of dog foods. Sometimes, our pets have skin issues, and we search desperately for …

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The Best Dog Food for Small Dogs: Includes Wet and Dry Nutrition

cute small dog eating from a pet bowl

I understand how troublesome it is to find the best dog food for small dogs because I have a pug. As pet parents, we naturally want our pets to have a complete and balanced diet. However, it’s tough to find one because there are so many brands and recipes claiming to give outstanding benefits to …

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What Is the Best Dog Food for Puppies? Top Wet and Dry Options

golden retriever puppies eating

Puppies have a different nutritional need from adult canines, so you have to ensure that you give your little pup what it needs. If it’s your first time to care for a fur baby, you may find it a daunting task to search for the best dog food for puppies. Even if you search online, …

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The Best Dog Food for Yorkies

yorkie cute puppy

The Yorkshire Terrier, or “Yorkies” as they’re lovingly referred to by enthusiasts, is a toy-size terrier. If you’ve ever watched a dog show, you’ll remember them for their gorgeous, floor-length silky coat. Weighing no more than 7 pounds, this doggie is known as the “tomboy toy” because of its confidence, bravery, and tenacity well beyond …

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The Best Dog Food for Labs: Tested By Labradors, For Labradors

yellow lab yellow labrador golden

Someone once said, “A dog’s tail doesn’t lie.” Dog lovers know that’s true — it’s also a reliable indicator of a dog’s mood. Because of their happy-go-lucky nature, a Labrador Retriever’s tail is almost always wagging. (And possibly knocking everything off your coffee table, but they’re so lovable we let it slide…) Labs love to …

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The Best Puppy Food for Labs: Choosing Wisely

black labrador puppy dog

It’s impossible not to fall in love with a Lab puppy. From brand new roly-poly little balls of cute with that new puppy smell to the older puppy stage when they’re all awkward, lanky legs, huge feet, and full of smooches happens so fast. (A lot like human pups.) The fact that they grow so …

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The Best Cat Brush for Grooming Your Cat

Cat Grooming Brush

As cute as they look, cats have to carry the burden of grooming themselves. They do not just sit around waiting for you with your brush. Those who understand the art of beauty know that it is a 254-hour endeavor. This is the reason why cats have to keep on scratching and licking to keep …

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Best Vacuum For Pet Hair: Say Good Riddance For Good!

best vacuum for pet hair

If you, like me, love having pets in your home, you’ll be all too aware of the constant mess that is caused as a result. Training their behaviors can of course reduce most of this, but some is completely unavoidable such as the loose strands of hair. I found that investing in the best vacuum …

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Best Cheap Dog Food: Top Options

best cheap dog food

Our pets make up part of our close families and as such, they are entitled to every basic need such as shelter, medical care, and food. Due to the economic factors, one has to settle for the best inexpensive dog food on the market, as we look to bolster the health of our dog pets. …

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Best Dog Nail Clippers: Make Grooming Time Easier for Your Dog!

dog paws close up

Getting yourself a pet dog can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make, but along with all of the benefits, there are some aspects that are not so great. Investing in the best dog nail clippers turned one of my most dreaded activities with my dog into, well, at least a better …

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Best Chew Toys for Puppies | Dental Development During Playtime!

cute chihuahua puppy chewing on toy

It’s great having a puppy around — they are full of energy and always wanting to play, but it’s not always possible to devote all of your attention to them so it’s important to have the best chew toys for puppies to keep them entertained. Toys are also essential to provide comfort for your puppy …

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