Best Large Breed Puppy Food | Reviews and Comparisons

best large breed puppy food

Different breeds have different nutritional needs, but large breeds can be particularly tricky because of their rapid growth while they are puppies. There are many different products available to provide your puppy with the nutrition it needs at this crucial stage of their life, so it can be tough to decide which one is right … Read more

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Best Dog Training Collar Reviews and Top Picks

best dog training collar

Are you a long-time dog owner or have you just adopted your first dog? First of all, congratulations! However, if you have not already experienced chaos courtesy of your dog, then you are in the minority report. Running away helter-skelter, barking without control and for no good reason, amongst other weird behaviors — are some … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Pitbulls | Top Picks for Puppies, Adults, and Pitbulls with Allergies

best dog food for pitbulls

Pitbulls are considered a medium- to small-sized breed of dogs. They can either add weight super-fast or get emaciated if given the wrong type and portion of food. This is the primary reason why you need to feed them the best dog food for Pitbulls. For extreme conditions, Pitbulls respond well to supplements. However, stay … Read more

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Best Dog Nail Clippers: Make Grooming Time Easier for Your Dog!

dog paws close up

Getting yourself a pet dog can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make, but along with all of the benefits, there are some aspects that are not so great. Investing in the best dog nail clippers turned one of my most dreaded activities with my dog into, well, at least a better … Read more

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Best Vacuum For Pet Hair: Say Good Riddance For Good!

best vacuum for pet hair

If you, like me, love having pets in your home, you’ll be all too aware of the constant mess that is caused as a result. Training their behaviors can of course reduce most of this, but some is completely unavoidable such as the loose strands of hair. I found that investing in the best vacuum … Read more

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The Best Cat Brush for Grooming Your Cat

Cat Grooming Brush

As cute as they look, cats have to carry the burden of grooming themselves. They do not just sit around waiting for you with your brush. Those who understand the art of beauty know that it is a 254-hour endeavor. This is the reason why cats have to keep on scratching and licking to keep … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach: No More Vomiting and Indigestion

brown doggo sleepy on white floor

Some proteins can cause sensitive stomachs in dogs. It’s also possible that their diets lack a nutrient or contain too much of it. Moreover, the food may not be the issue, but it’s their habit of eating a lot of table scraps and treats. If your dog has an upset tummy, you have to determine … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Weight Loss and Tips for Overweight Dogs

sad white dog sitting outdoors

A National Pet Obesity Awareness Day Survey done in 2014 found that over 50% of dogs in America are obese. Several surveys conducted in different parts of the world have shown almost similar results, that overweight pets are a global problem. While a chubby pet will score highly on the cute and cuddly scale, the … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Small Dogs: Includes Wet and Dry Nutrition

cute small dog eating from a pet bowl

I understand how troublesome it is to find the best dog food for small dogs because I have a pug. As pet parents, we naturally want our pets to have a complete and balanced diet. However, it’s tough to find one because there are so many brands and recipes claiming to give outstanding benefits to … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Allergies: Keeping Sensitive Skin Itch-Free

gray dachshund puppy lying on the floor

Pet parents, like me, are very picky with the dog food that we give to our fur babies because we don’t want them to suffer from skin allergies or upset stomachs. However, it’s troublesome to search through hundreds, if not thousands, of dog foods. Sometimes, our pets have skin issues, and we search desperately for … Read more

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