Top Reasons Why Chihuahuas Shake

Besides their well-known small stature, Chihuahuas are also known for one more thing. These dogs shiver and shake so much. While this is rather common, many are still worried about their little fur babies.

So, what are the reasons why Chihuahuas shake? Should you be concerned? Plus, how can you help your pooch?


Reasons Why Chihuahuas Shake

Before anything else, it should be noted that not every Chihuahua shake. 

For those that do, it’s not an everyday occurrence. And that may be the reason why Chi parents are always concerned. It can happen suddenly and once it does, you’re not really sure what’s the cause.

Shaking and shivering is either caused by emotional or physiological. Below are the main reasons why Chihuahuas shake.


The main reason behind a shivering Chihuahua is cold. It’s also the first thing that comes into mind when we see them shaking. But the thing is, our dogs shiver even when we don’t feel cold ourselves.

It’s not even that cold outside. It’s also been days since they took a bath. So why does your Chihuahua feel cold?

One thing you should know about your pooch is that they have a high metabolism. They burn off body heat quickly which leaves them cold. That’s why even a slight chill can cause your dog to shiver.

Of course, when it’s a little colder outside, be prepared to give your dog extra warmth. Short-haired Chihuahuas are more susceptible to cold and shivering. You can now get dog coats to keep them warm.

Also, avoid going outside with your Chi if the temperature is 35 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They start showing signs of cold in these temperatures. Even your long-haired Chis may need a little help to make themselves warmer.

Stress and Nerves

If anything, Chihuahuas are not easily intimidated despite their small size. They won’t back out of a fight willingly even if they’re against a big foe. They’re even more aggressive than misunderstood pit bulls and boxer dogs.

But despite their fierce and bold personalities, your dog can also face stress. And like with most humans, nerves, and stress can cause shaking.

cute chihuahua

Check your dog’s environment if your dog suddenly shivers. Something or someone might be bothering it.

It’s also possible for Chihuahuas to be stressed by a new environment. If you get a new pup and bring it home, it’s likely to shiver for the first few days. What you can do is ensure they’re comfortable.

Let them explore the place by themselves. Ease their transition to your new home by giving them their own space. You can also give them treats and toys so they associate the new place with good things.

Chihuahuas can also shake with anxiety when they’re left alone for the first time. These dogs are loyal and love the attention from their dog parents. Because of their emotional attachment, they’re prone to separation anxiety.

Start training your pup to be more independent at an early age. For example, leave the room they’re in for a few seconds. Then, give them a treat if they act accordingly.

Leave for a longer period of time as you continue with the training.


Your Chihuahua is also prone to shivering due to good and bad anxiety. They might begin shaking too much when you’re bringing them to the park. Their excitement will cause them to shiver besides excitedly wagging their tails.

The same goes with bringing them to a vet or a groomer. If your dog doesn’t like it there, it may cause bad anxiety and they’d also shake.

This is common among Chihuahuas and something you should never worry about. Most of the time, the shaking and shivering will stop once the excitement fades.


If you’ve drunk too much coffee, you’re bound to shake because of the extra energy it gives. The same goes for your dog. Chihuahuas are energetic despite their small size. If their day doesn’t include any activity, their energy can cause them to shake.

This is very easy to treat. Let your dog out in the yard, bring them to a dog park, or play with them. Anything that allows them to burn the extra energy is good.

Besides shaking, your dog may also become hyperactive if they can’t burn their energy. This may lead to destructive behavior. Ensure they’re always given time to exercise daily as part of keeping them healthy.

When Should You Worry?

Our dogs are like our very own kids. The shivering and the shaking will worry most of us. But know that this is common and can be easily remedied.

But there are indeed some times that you should worry about your dog’s shaking. Observe your dog. If they show signs of distress and pain, the reason why Chihuahuas shake might be an injury. It’s best to bring them to the vet to have them checked.

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