15 Reasons Why You Should Own Maine Coon Cats

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Maine Coon cats are an extremely popular cat breed. They are some of the most common cats you will see, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Here are 15 reasons why people should consider Maine Coon cats for their home.

They Are Beautiful

These cats have a majestic coat of lush fur. It looks regal and impressive, and when they do the typical cat strut, it makes them look like some sort of feline royalty. When you look at Maine Coon cats, you won’t have any doubt as to why these creatures were once worshiped as gods by various cultures.

The Size Is Perfect

These are also fairly large cats. They are big enough to be cuddly and to make you feel warm when you snuggle up with yours on a cold, winter’s night. Their fluffy fur only adds to their size and make them seem bigger and fuller than they really are.  They aren’t so small that they will find themselves underfoot or that you will have trouble finding them. They also aren’t so big that they seem imposing or scary to most kids.

They Are Friendly

Maine Coons have a reputation for being very friendly. They like to play and show their affection, making them one of the most loving breeds of cats that people commonly have. That makes them great for families.

They Are Loyal

These cats are often referred to as the dogs of the world of cats, which simply denotes their loyalty. They stay by their pet parents and will be fiercely loyal under any conditions. They will follow their pet parents anywhere and feel forlorn when they are left alone.

You Can Teach Them Tricks

Maine Coons are some of the most intelligent domestic cats. Some people have managed to teach theirs to do tricks, and if you want your cat to be an exciting and diverting companion, then this breed is a safe bet. You may not be able to go so far as to teach yours to do any tricks, but that incredible intelligence will make for a charming feline friend.

A Very Healthy Breed

Some cat breeds are sickly and have a lot of health problems as they grow older, but not the Maine Coon. These tend to be some of the healthiest domestic cats, and they are not likely to cost you a lot in veterinarian fees.

Championship Status

Maine Coon cats are often entered into contests and frequently win. They regularly walk away with awards like Best Cat in Show and other prestigious accomplishments. You will probably see the same value in yours.

A Fine Mouser

If you have problems with mice in the house, or you want to make sure that you keep mice far away, then you should consider a Maine Coon cat. They are exceptional mousers that will help to keep your house clear of pests like mice, rats and lizards.

Gentle Disposition

Since these are larger cats, there may be some fear that they will be too rough for small children, but these are some of the gentler cats, and they are often referred to as gentle giants because of their kind and passive attitudes.

They Love to Play

Even though they are gentle, Maine Coons are also enthusiastic cats. They enjoy running around in open spaces, climbing things, playing with toys and generally having a good time. They make great companions for people who live an active lifestyle.

Good with Other Pets

Main Coons are also good pets to have around other animals. They get along well with most other cats and with dogs and other kinds of animals. There may be a short adjustment period, but they will usually become good friends with whatever other pets you have in your home.

Naturally Curious

You’ll find Maine Coons to be naturally inquisitive. They are always exploring, and it is great fun to watch them try to learn about different aspects of their environment. Their curiosity makes for some amusing cat watching, if you are one of those people who likes to sit at home and watch your cat just be itself.


While these cats tend to have fairly long hair, you won’t find them looking matted or unsightly for very long. They are meticulous groomers, and they take very good care of their fur so that you don’t have to.

Lots of Energy

Some cats spend all day laying around the house looking bored, but not Maine Coons. They eat lots of protein when they can, and that gives them plenty of energy to live interesting lives. You’ll enjoy playing with your cat and simply observing it move from one part of the house to the next trying to burn up the energy it has available.

One of the Best Domestic Pets

There is so much to love about these felines, and cat parents are going to be in for a good treat when they take a Maine Coon into their care. Whether you are starting at a young age with them or taking in an older cat, you won’t regret going with this breed.

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