How are Boxer Dogs with Cats?

It’s almost impossible to think that cats and dogs can coexist peacefully. After all, we’re taught that these two animals are mortal enemies. It’s how popular media often depicts them.

But the truth is far from cartoons and movies. Dogs and cats can actually be good friends. Unfortunately, not every dog can. So, if you’re getting a certain breed, it’s good to know how well they are with cats.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how are boxer dogs with cats.


Boxer Dog Temperament

Knowing your dog’s temperament can help you judge whether they’d be good with cats. Breeds that are more sociable can usually tolerate other animals. 

Boxer dogs are well-known for being fun-loving and active dogs. But they’re also loyal and affectionate dogs. They can connect well to their families and enjoys staying by their side to protect them.

Boxers have a pleasant temperament. They’re friendly towards other dogs, most strangers, and even other animals. They do have a tendency to leap and jump around. This is part of their nature as boxer dogs were originally bred as big-game hunters.

How Are Boxer Dogs With Cats?

Due to their friendly disposition, your boxer dog can tolerate cats. They may even become good companions. But you have to start getting them familiar with each other at a young age. Additionally, you’ll want to socialize your dog more to avoid any kind of aggression.

You also have to consider their jumping. Even when they can leave peacefully with cats, they might playfully pounce on them. Boxers weigh around 65 to 80 pounds and are filled with muscles. They can end up injuring your cat.

Additionally, boxer dogs may chase after your cat. It’s also a part of their nature as previous hunters.

That said, you also have to train your dog to stop leaping and chasing your cat. This behavior starts when they are still pups. Teaching them basic commands can help them understand the meaning of “No” and “Stop.”

How to Make Cats and Dogs Live Harmoniously

There are many multi-pet homes that have both cats and dogs. It means it’s possible for your boxer dog to live harmoniously with your cat. But you also have to do your part and not just throw them both in the same room instantly.

Here are some of our tips to help both your pets coexist peacefully.

brown and white boxer

Get a Cat First

Cats generally have no care in the world. These animals are independent and won’t have too much of a problem with a new companion. That’s why it’s best to get a cat first before getting a dog.

They can adjust better than boxer dogs even when they’re already adults. Meanwhile, adult dogs are harder to train and can make the transition for the cat harder.

Get Them at the Same Time

Of course, it’s also possible to get them both at the same time. This is a better idea if you’re already planning to have a multi-pet household.

The boxer dog should be a year old or younger – basically pups. They’re easier to train around this age. Meanwhile, the kitten should be around 6 months old or a little younger.

Plan the First Meeting

The first meeting of your boxer dog and your cat is crucial. It should be en enjoyable moment for both. Or at least, it should go off without any traumatic experiences for any of your pets.

Ensure that the introduction takes place in a safe place and you monitor every moment. You should also ensure your cat has an escape route.

Hold Your Dog

Your dog can get excited or anxious when they see the cat. But either way they feel, they’re likely to react in some way. This can scare your cat and they might scratch your dog.

What you should do is hold your dog. Either hold it in your lap or put them in a crate. These ensure that your dog is restrained or won’t be able to chase the cat. If your cat reacts negatively, keep your dog away from it.

Any injuries on both parties may cause trauma. If this happens, it’ll be harder to make them live together peacefully.

Let Your Pets Explore

Call your cat to explore. Let them sniff the dog so it becomes more familiar with its new companion. Never try to hold down your cat as they can scratch you when they’re trying to escape.

Also, allow your dog to sniff the cat. It also helps it be more familiar with the cat’s scent. But never get it too close or else your cat will likely swat your dog.

boxer in a garden

Reward your Pets

Reward your pets as soon as they see each other. They will likely associate the presence of the other with treats. Plus, you can give treats to your dog if they behave nicely while the cat explores.

So, how are boxer dogs with cats? They are naturally friendly with them but it will take time for them to get used to each other.

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