How Often Should You Wash a Labrador?

How Often Should You Wash a Labrador

Compared to a lot of breeds, Labradors have a fantastic and gorgeous coat. There’s no tangles or long hairs, it’s short and easy to maintain, dense, but doesn’t hold much water. In short, Labradors have some of the best coats when it comes to dog breeds. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need regular grooming …

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Different German Shepherd Coats (Most and Least Common)

different german shepherd coats

Unlike a lot of breeds, GSDs can come in different German shepherd coats, with literally dozens of colors and several standard coat lengths. This is because of their long, storied history and the various roles that Shepherds were bred for in the past. However, despite the sheer variety in coat availability, some colors aren’t accepted …

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Do French Bulldogs Shed? (and How Manageable It Is)

do french bulldogs shed

With a glossy, attractive coat and distinctive looks, French bulldogs are incredibly popular breeds right now. But with popularity comes worry, and we’ve heard people worrying about how much French bulldogs can shed, especially compared to other dog breeds. So do French Bulldog shed? Do French Bulldogs Shed? Yes. All dogs shed. But bulldogs, including French bulldogs, …

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Best Dog Nail Clippers: Make Grooming Time Easier for Your Dog!

dog paws close up

Getting yourself a pet dog can be one of the most rewarding decisions you ever make, but along with all of the benefits, there are some aspects that are not so great. Investing in the best dog nail clippers turned one of my most dreaded activities with my dog into, well, at least a better …

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Best Shampoo for Dogs | Choose The Right Product For Bath Time!

best dog shampoo

When it comes to taking care of my dog, I believe in using the best dog products available. Shampoos are not exceptional. It is always advisable to use the best dog shampoo when cleaning your dog. Ordinary laundry soap or human shampoos may do them more harm than good. Disclosure: We believe in transparency. The …

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