Furry Heroes: 9 Brave Dogs that Saved the Day

Dogs have always been known to be more compassionate and braver than most humans. That’s why they’ve been recruited and trained to become police dogs, search and rescue, service dogs, and more. But even the simplest of dogs are known to save their families and even some animals in harm’s way.

Whether it’s as simple as taking the hit of a plastic ball for their little humans or saving them from dangerous situations, protecting their families from harm is natural though.

Here are some of the best and the bravest furry heroes you’ll wish you want to meet and will impress you.

1. A dog saving her pups from a hole that’s filling up with water.

2. This dog saves another dog from drowning.

3. Dog protects owner from robber.

4. Little dog fends off giant beasts from entering a property.

5. Dogs are trained to help protect their masters from possible attacks.

6. Dogs often have more compassion than humans.

7. A dog performs CPR.

8. A helping jaw.

9. Another dog protects its owner from a robber.

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