Doggies Top Model: The Most Fashionable Dogs of All Time!

They say fashion knows no age and gender – but does that include our dogs, too?

Sure, we buy our furry friends some accessories and even clothes from time to time. But these pups and dogs will change the way you look at fashion – especially doggy fashion. They’re ready to slay their own catwalk (err dogwalk?) and become the most amazing and – not to mention – most adorable fashion icons the world has ever seen!

Prepared to get your wig snatched as here are the best dogs that will give supermodels a run for their money!

1. Too cool for school. And he’s a real model, btw.

2. I mean look at him – he’s a pro!

3. He puts other models to shame, truth be told.

4. This one knows how to walk the walk.

5. More professional model dogs – I’d honestly buy those bags.

dog with handbag

6. Epitome of elegance and poise

7. She deserves her own paparazzis.

dog tux

8. I’ve never looked good in shades. This pup does.

9. A sweetheart in red

red carpet dog

10. Ready for the party!

Love buying your dogs stylish clothes? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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