Dog Health

Can Boxer Dogs Live in an Apartment?

You’ve brought your new Boxer puppy home, but now you’re feeling guilty about your cramped living quarters. Have you deprived him of life in a country estate, where he can run around to his heart’s content? Can Boxer dogs live in an apartment? Sure, most people will tell you that large dogs shouldn’t be living … Read more

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How Much Does A Pug Weigh?

Because Pugs are naturally thick and stout, Pug owners tend to be worried that their pooch may be fat and overweight. That is especially true when Pugs are quite trim as puppies and adolescents, then become surprisingly hefty as they age. So how much does a Pug weigh? All about Pugs The Pug is distinctive … Read more

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My Dog Just Had Puppies And Is Really Skinny

If your dog has just given birth, the puppies look strong and healthy, and mom seems to be recovering well, you may already be breathing a big sigh of relief. Unfortunately, “my dog just had puppies and is really skinny” is a common concern veterinarians hear from dog owners whose pets have recently given birth. … Read more

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How Long Do Yorkies Stay Pregnant?

How long do Yorkies stay pregnant? Since Yorkshire Terriers are smaller dogs, it can be a little tough to say whether they’re pregnant and when they’re likely going to give birth. Not only that, you also need every information you can get so you can give your dog everything she needs. Of course, this also … Read more

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Heat Cycle 101: How Long Do Boxers Stay in Heat?

Boxer dog outside

How long do boxers stay in heat? It’s really one of the questions you should know how to answer if you have a female boxer. For smaller breeds, the heat cycle is something that may go unnoticed, especially when you’re a first-time dog parent. However, bigger breeds like Boxers have a more noticeable heat cycle, … Read more

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When Can Newborn Puppies Go Outside?

new puppy outside

Puppies might be one of the most adorable creatures in the world. It would be hard to resist the temptation of bringing them anywhere you go. But alas, you can only take pictures and upload them on the internet as their immune system won’t be able to take the outside world yet. So when can … Read more

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