tired dog climbing stairs

Best Dog Food for Arthritis — Diets for Hip Dysplasia and Joint Issues

Arthritis will certainly slow your dog down! Just like people, dogs tend to get a little stiff and creaky as they get older, usually because of arthritis. A painful condition that occurs when cartilage in …

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golden retriever purebred dog lying on the grass

Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism – Nutrient-Packed Diets for Healthy Thyroid Function

Thyroid disease can cause canine hypothyroidism! Hypothyroidism or low thyroid activity can lead to some medical conditions, including Cushing’s disease, congenital hypothyroidism, and lymphocytic thyroiditis. Your dog may have unusual weight gain, behavioral changes, hair …

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sick black and white dog lying down

Best Dog Food for Seizures | Special Food for Dogs with Seizures

A seizure can happen to any dog, even the healthiest dogs. This is one of the most painful things for dog parents to see. The discomfort, confusion, and panic that your canine friend goes through …

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white and black short fur coated dog

The Best Dog Food for Kidney Disease | Top Picks for Renal Health

As a dog owner, it is very important that you keep the urinary tract of your dog healthy at all times, especially when your dog is getting old. Dog renal failure is a common health …

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yorkshire dog with sad eyes

The Best Dog Food for Pancreatitis | Top Low-Fat Dry Options

Dogs are vulnerable to an array of health conditions, and some health issues are more common than others. While many dog parents are familiar with dog health conditions such as diabetes, heart problem, or dysplasia, …

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corgis at eight weeks

Best Dog Food for Corgis: Approved by Veterinarians

Corgis are one of the most active dog breeds out there and they are very popular for their strong personalities. These dogs are very smart and they can play with you all day without getting …

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black dog dog old dog

Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs — Top Dry and Canned Chow for Older Pooches

Aging may slow your dog down! With 7 years or more, your dog needs having nothing to do with a puppy that is in the process of growing. Your pup’s nutrition, like yours, must change. …

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american bully pocket female

Best Dog Food for American Bullies: Picks for Puppies, Adults, and Seniors

The American bully is a relatively new breed of dog and it is one of the best family companion dogs that you can have. The dog was selectively bred to create a loyal, outgoing, and …

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short-coated black and white boston terrier dog

Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers — Top Options for Puppies and Adults

Boston terriers are some of the most loveable breeds of dogs on the planet. They are friendly and welcoming to all – be it their owners or strangers. Although they can get moody at times, …

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fat tired labrador dog

Best Dog Food for Gassy Dogs: Address Flatulence Now

We all get a little gassy at times, and flatulence is never fun. Dogs also get gassy, but their farts are worse, perhaps you would need a tougher word other than “deadly” to describe them.  …

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brown baille beagle dog lying down tired

Best Commercial Dog Food for Cancer: Top Products for Prevention

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases in the world. Like in human beings, cancer in dogs comes out of nowhere, and causes huge devastation, marking the start of a long battle of attrition. …

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cute maltipoo puppy resting indoors

The Best Dog Food for Maltipoos — A Guide to Feeding your Adorable Maltese Poodle Mix

Clever, playful and affectionate — three apt adjectives that best describe the Maltipoo! Originating in the US, Maltipoos — a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle are popular the world over for several good …

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black dog eating on a silver bowl

Best Dog Food for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Reviews and Guide

Have you ever heard about inflammatory bowel disease or IBD in dogs? It is a very stressful condition that causes vomiting and diarrhea, and if left untreated can lead to more serious gastrointestinal diseases and …

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black and white hunting dog learning obedience

Best Dog Food for Hunting Dogs: Reviews and Guide

Are you a hunter? One of the crucial things that you need for your excursions to be successful is a hunting dog. They are the elite athletes in the canine world, and you need to …

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black puppy hiding behind brown wood

Best Dog Food for Less Poop: Top Low-Residue Options

Poop is a reality, a harsh one, for dog owners that most of us do not like to talk about. Most of us consider it a “messy” price they have to deal with for the …

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