Dog Food

Best Dog Food for Gassy Dogs: Address Flatulence Now

fat tired labrador dog

We all get a little gassy at times, and flatulence is never fun. Dogs also get gassy, but their farts are worse, perhaps you would need a tougher word other than “deadly” to describe them.  While dog farts might appear funny, gassiness could be a sign of other health problems. Digestive issues resulting from parasite … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Maltipoos — A Guide to Feeding your Adorable Maltese Poodle Mix

cute maltipoo puppy resting indoors

Clever, playful and affectionate — three apt adjectives that best describe the Maltipoo! Originating in the US, Maltipoos — a cross between a Maltese and a Poodle are popular the world over for several good reasons. This delightful pooch is noted for his dark round eyes, dark nose, dark colored tight lips, and ears set … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Reviews and Guide

black dog eating on a silver bowl

Have you ever heard about inflammatory bowel disease or IBD in dogs? It is a very stressful condition that causes vomiting and diarrhea, and if left untreated can lead to more serious gastrointestinal diseases and intestinal cancer.  There are a number of things that you can do. In addition to seeking help from your vet, … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Congestive Heart Failure Reviews and Guide

sad red dachshund lying down

Does the term “congestive heart failure” frighten you? Well, if you are a loving pet parent (of course you are), it should because it can be fatal to your pooch. Congestive heart failure is a term used with reference to dogs that have cardiovascular system problems characterized by blood taking abnormally long in the lungs, … Read more

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The Best Grain Free Dog Food: Including Dry and Wet Types

Pet parents often worry when their beloved dogs have food allergies and sensitivities. They understand how troublesome it is to search for the appropriate diet. If your vet has diagnosed your fur baby to have issues when consuming grains, you can now begin the hunt for the best grain-free dog food. However, you’ll soon discover … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Urinary Health: Top Vet-Prescribed Options

cat burmese tired and lazy

Dogs can develop bladder stones and other urinary issues as they get older. It’s a prevalent occurrence that you can prevent by giving the best dog food for urinary health. However, your vet has to authorize the food that could treat whatever urinary ailment your fur baby is suffering from. If your dog doesn’t like … Read more

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