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Best Food for English Bulldogs: From Puppies to Seniors

The English Bulldog is an old breed, dating back to the 13th century where the breed was used in the sport of bull-baiting. Today, this breed is one of the most popular for family dogs, gentle and loving to children. These dogs enjoy human interaction and are also courageous to make good watchdogs. English Bulldogs … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Arthritis — Diets for Hip Dysplasia and Joint Issues

tired dog climbing stairs

Arthritis will certainly slow your dog down! Just like people, dogs tend to get a little stiff and creaky as they get older, usually because of arthritis. A painful condition that occurs when cartilage in the joints starts breaking down. There are several forms of arthritis, but the most common one is osteoarthritis or wear … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Hypothyroidism – Nutrient-Packed Diets for Healthy Thyroid Function

golden retriever purebred dog lying on the grass

Thyroid disease can cause canine hypothyroidism! Hypothyroidism or low thyroid activity can lead to some medical conditions, including Cushing’s disease, congenital hypothyroidism, and lymphocytic thyroiditis. Your dog may have unusual weight gain, behavioral changes, hair loss, otitis, dry and brittle coat, intolerance to cold, decreased heart rate, lethargy, and even depression. You can treat and … Read more

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The Best Dog Food for Pancreatitis | Top Low-Fat Dry Options

yorkshire dog with sad eyes

Dogs are vulnerable to an array of health conditions, and some health issues are more common than others. While many dog parents are familiar with dog health conditions such as diabetes, heart problem, or dysplasia, only a few are familiar with pancreatitis. This health condition affects the way the pancreas of your dog functions. If … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Senior Dogs — Top Dry and Canned Chow for Older Pooches

black dog dog old dog

Aging may slow your dog down! With 7 years or more, your dog needs having nothing to do with a puppy that is in the process of growing. Your pup’s nutrition, like yours, must change. Lucky for your pal, dog food companies produce a variety of special diets that are tailored towards the health and … Read more

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Best Dog Food for American Bullies: Picks for Puppies, Adults, and Seniors

american bully pocket female

The American bully is a relatively new breed of dog and it is one of the best family companion dogs that you can have. The dog was selectively bred to create a loyal, outgoing, and affectionate family dog, characteristics that it gets from the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pitbull Terrier. It is a … Read more

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Best Dog Food for Boston Terriers — Top Options for Puppies and Adults

short-coated black and white boston terrier dog

Boston terriers are some of the most loveable breeds of dogs on the planet. They are friendly and welcoming to all – be it their owners or strangers. Although they can get moody at times, you will also love them because they are fast learners and can easily be trained within a short time. Like … Read more

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