Dog Behavior

Are Chihuahuas Good Pets?

If you want to adopt a Chihuahua, it’s best to know everything you can about them. Are Chihuahuas good pets? Will they fit in perfectly with your family? Here’s everything you need to know about these small but feisty dogs. Are Chihuahuas Good Pets? Chihuahuas were originally bred to be ratters. They chase away vermins … Read more

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Are Chihuahuas Smart?

Are Chihuahuas smart? That’s one question you want to know the answer to, especially if you want to adopt or buy a pup. Dogs are intelligent creatures. But some breeds have higher intelligence scale while others are on the lower end. For some people who want to have a dog, the intelligence of a dog … Read more

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Are Chihuahuas Good with Kids?

If you have kids and you want to have Chihuahuas or vice versa, it’s good to ask: are Chihuahuas good with kids? Chihuahuas are small and have expressive big eyes and big ears. But despite their small stature, they have big personalities. Too big in fact that they may deem as too much for your … Read more

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Why Does My Dog Put His Paw On My Arm?

Does your dog paw you when you pet him? Or even when you’re just sitting on the couch minding your own business? Ever complained about how his nails are leaving scratch marks on your arms and ripping your favorite suits into pieces? Have you stopped to ask yourself, “Why does my dog put his paw … Read more

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My Dog Is Out Of Control: What To Do About Your Hyperactive Pooch

Some dogs are just more spirited and energetic than others. But is your pooch particularly wild and high-strung? Does he jump on people, knock children over, ruin furniture, and bark at all hours? Ever found yourself complaining, My dog is out of control! Can You Control an Out-of-Control Dog? Dogs can certainly be pushy, impulsive, … Read more

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How Many Hours Do Cockapoo Sleep?

If humans need at least eight hours of sleep to survive the day, what about dogs? Different dog breeds may follow different sleep patterns. Others may sleep longer, while some might not sleep as much. Cockapoo dog breed have a sleep schedule of their own, which spans the entire day. This begs the question, how … Read more

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German Shepherd Lab Mix: Personality and Other Must Know Info

German Shepherd Lab Mix Personality

Combining the best of both breeds, German shepherd lab mixes, or Shepradors, can be fantastic family and working dog breeds, as long as you can deal with the downsides. But that begs the question, what’s a german shepherd lab mix personality like? And how does this dog compare to both of the parent breeds? About the … Read more

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Black German Shepherd Temperament (And Other Facts)

Black German Shepherd Temperament

Dogs are truly man’s best friend and no dog represents that trait better than the black German Shepherd breed. Not only do they fulfill roles as a companion, but they are also great with children. Many other animals are often found to be great service dogs. We will be discussing the Black German Shepherd temperament … Read more

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