Cat Behavior


Why Cats Love Boxes?

Cats are full of surprises. Our beloved and enchanting friends are cute, graceful and mysterious. However, sometimes it just gets


Why Do Cats Lick Plastic

Cat lovers know that cats can behave strangely sometimes. It is surprising if your cat doesn’t surprise you from time

How Do Cats Apologize

It’s said that cats are indifferent and uncaring animals, but the fact is that sometimes, they seem to be the


How Not To Annoy Your Cat

We all know how independent and not caring cats can sometimes be. If they don’t like something, they’ll walk away.

Why Do Cats Hate Water

Despite the fact that they are very clean animals, cats are notorious for not liking water. And since in our

cat in the woods

How Do Cats Hunt And Why

Along time we’ve gotten used to see our little feline friends as cute adorable furs of ball dozing away each


How Do Cats Fight and Why

We’re sure you’ve seen cats fighting each other. Or perhaps they were playing? If you’ve had your house full of

bunch of cats

How Do Cats Have 9 Lives

Unlike us and other animals, cats sometimes seem to have an unnatural ability, that of getting out alive from situations


How Do Cats Grieve

Many people have noticed that when a cat’s companion – whether it’s a dog, another cat or human companion –

How Do Cats Dream

We’ve all seen our little furry friends sleeping like crazy all day long with nothing to worry about. Well, apart

How Do Cats Cool Off

When the hot sunny days of summer arrive, everybody feels like throwing away their clothes, enjoying ice cold beers by

two white cats

How Do Cats Communicate

Though they seem so independent and mysterious, cats are in fact very expressive and communicative, not only among themselves, but

cat starting

How Do Cats See

This is something many of us are curious about: How do cats see the world around them? We do know

cat with his eyes closed

How Do Cats Mate

Most people would often think that the way cats mate is simple and similar to us humans in more ways

grey cat

How Do Cats Purr

We tend to believe that when our little furry friends are happy with living with us, they start purring, thus

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