Bringing a Golden Retriever Puppy Home (and What NOT to Do)

Bringing Golden Retriever Puppy HomePreparing for golden retriever puppy arrivals and a new addition to the family is always a busy time. This is true regardless of whether the addition is furry and lopes on four legs or is decidedly hairless and will soon be learning to walk on two. Bringing golden retriever puppy home is surely a special time in each and every pet owner’s life.

In order to help you make the most of your first moments together, we have compiled some of the necessary information and items that you will need in order to make sure that your puppy feels right at home.


What To Get For The House When Bringing Golden Retriever Puppy Home?

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First off, you’re going to need to purchase a few of the essentials, namely food, a water bowl and a food bowl, a collar, a leash, an ID tag and a bed for it to sleep on, just to name a few. There is some controversy surrounding having a leash, leading to many owners choosing to have a harness instead because leashes have been found to harm the dog’s neck if pulled on too much during the walk.

An ID tag might not sound essential, especially if you are planning on micro chipping your pooch, but in some states, it is required by law and it’s always a good idea to have your name and number listed just in case Rover decides to make a break for it.

A couple toiletries you should consider getting are shampoo, toothpaste and a toothbrush, a brush to keep their coat nice and smooth, and poop bags for the inevitable accidents on walks.

Finally, don’t forget the all-important treats and toys. Your puppy will need a lot of stimulation so having a couple chew toys or balls will not only help with bonding, but will also spare your precious furniture from his attempt to alleviate boredom.

Preparing Your House For A Golden Retriever Puppy

Not only will you be able to protect your valuables but you will also be able to reduce the chances of them accidentally ingesting or choking on various items around the house. You can help prevent this by moving things off the floor, such as toys or knick-knacks.

Another common offender is medicine or household detergents. Ensure that those are packed away, as these can cause serious medical emergencies if ingested.

Other suggestions would be to remove or secure electrical cables so as to prevent your puppy from experiencing the wonders of electricity. Furthermore, ensure that your dustbin has a secure lid as this will prevent them from not only strewing your kitchen floor with garbage but also from potentially poisoning or injuring themselves while digging through the smelly treasures.

When reviewing your garden, make sure that your pool has a covering or is securely locked so as to prevent drowning. Also check your fence to make sure that there are no holes or weak points which could result in your puppy running off into the street.

Bringing Home a Golden Retriever Puppy

Once the big day arrives, it is important to consider how you are going to get your new pooch home. Since this will most likely be your golden retriever puppy’s first car ride, there should be a passenger who will be sitting with them in the back to calm and soothe them during the trip. Remember to cover the backseat with a towel, as nausea has been known to occur.


There are some who prefer to hold their new puppy on the car ride home while the four-legged friend is swaddled in a towel. This is not recommended due to the increase in injury risk should there be an accident. Most importantly, for puppies on their first car trip, they should be given time to take a bathroom break before the trip starts, as well as when you are en route.

Now that he is home and all the excitement has calmed down, it might be time to start considering important aspects of your parenting plan. First off, you need to plan for appropriate socialization; not just with the dogs and humans at home, but also with other dogs, humans and other animals outside. This ensures that they are a well-rounded well-adjusted member of the furry society.

You’ll also need to begin training your puppy, while one can do this on their own with proper research and preparation, there are plenty of dog training schools available that will also boost your dog’s social skills while you’re there.sleeping puppy

Bringing golden retriever puppy home is an amazing experience and one that you will never truly forget. However, this does require preparation on the part of the owner, as you will need to outfit your house with necessary essentials, assess your current living arrangements, and still plan your parenting strategy. But here is wishing you the best of luck with your new golden retriever puppy.


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