Beagle Border Collie Mix Breed Complete Guide

Crossbreeding is done by breeders to combine the desirable attributes of two breeds while weeding out the undesirables like health issues and issues in temperament. The Beagle Border Collie mix is one of the many mixed breeds that are becoming more popular among dog enthusiasts nowadays.

Let’s take a closer look at this mixed dog and see what we can learn about it, i.e., How it looks like, what would be its personality, and, most of all, how to take good care of this crossed breed.

Key Characteristics

  • Adaptability — 80%
  • Affection Level — 80%
  • Apartment Friendly — 20%
  • Barking Tendencies — 40%
  • Cat Friendly — 60%
  • Child Friendly — 80%
  • Dog Friendly — 60%
  • Exercise Need — 80%
  • Grooming Needs — 60%
  • Health Issues — 60%
  • Intelligence — 80%
  • Playfulness — 100%


beagle border collie mix resting on grass

groomed beagle border collie mix

Beagle Border Collie Mix Highlights

  • The beagle collie mix descended from the Beagle, which is a hound dog, and the herding dog Border Collie.
  • It was in the United States that the Beagle and the Border Collie were first crossbred. However, it is unknown when the first mixed dogs were born and who bred the first parents.
  • The Beagle was first sighted in the Southern States of the United States before the outbreak of the Civil War.
  • The appearance is a mix of its Border Collie and Beagle parents. Thus, there are a variety of possible colors and texture of the mixed dog’s coat.
  • Coming from two highly energetic but sociable parents, the beagle cross collie inherits those traits fully. It is highly affectionate, loyal and given to lots of play and exercise.
  • It’s one of those breeds that require long periods of exercise. It is recommended to walk 13 miles a week and exercise for one hour a day at least.
  • This dog breed sheds fur periodically, but you can manage it by merely brushing the dog’s coat daily. Each coat type requires a specific type of brush to groom.
  • They are highly intelligent and is thus very trainable. However, it can also inherit the stubbornness that Beagles are known for.
  • A single puppy can sell for $475 for the males and $550 for the female puppies.
  • Like all dogs, the border collie cross beagle puppy is at risk for contracting the fatal canine parvovirus, so it’s important to get them their shots as early as possible after birth.
  • They are recognized by the Dog Registry of America Inc. and the American Canine Hybrid Club as a mixed breed.
  • The mixed breed is very healthy, with only a few physical conditions that they are at risk of. Significant concerns are epilepsy and hip dysplasia only.

Border Collie and Beagle Mix History

The breed was first bred in the United States. However, the exact date when the first was produced is unknown. As for its parents, it is the Beagle that has been around longer as a breed.

The earliest record of the breed in the United States was in 1642. The first sighting of the Beagle in the US was in the Southern States, just before the outbreak of the Civil War. It is thought to have been bred from the pack hounds that the English brought with them to the United States.

On the other hand, the Border Collie descended from sheepdogs that were used in the border towns between England and Scotland. However, it was only in 1906 when dog organizations in England established the standard of attributes for a dog to be considered a Border Collie.

Despite that, it would take nine more years before the name “Border Collie” would be given to the breed we know today.

Beagle Border Collie Mix Appearance

At first glance, you’ll see that a full-grown individual of this mix dog has retained the flowing coat and height of the Border Collie. However, a closer inspection of the muzzle will reveal similarities to its Beagle parent.

101 Dog Breeds points out that its coat could come in a variety of colors. They could inherit the black-and-white fur coating of the Border Collie parent. In some cases, you could find individuals bearing the white, black and brown combinations that are more common with the Beagle.

The coat can be smooth as its Border Collie parent’s coat is, but can also be short as the Beagle’s coat. In some adults, the coat could also be silky, soft or harsh, and rough to the touch.

Just like its pure breed parents, the Beagle-Border Collie Mix is a medium-sized designer dog. It can reach weights of anywhere between 20 to 40 pounds, fully grown. Its mature height is anywhere between 15 to 23 inches, standing up on its four legs.

Beagle Border Collie Mix Temperament

Both the Border Collie and the Beagle are known for being energetic and playful around their fur mates and human family. These attitudes are retained in the characteristics of the Border Collie-Beagle mix.

Being playful dogs, the Border Collie Beagle puppy is sure to act the way a furry ball full of energy is expected to. From their puppy days up until their adult days, this dog requires exercise and play time!

They are also very affectionate and will warm up to the people they’ve become very close to in their life. In fact, their loving behavior is one reason why these mixed dogs are becoming popular among dog lovers nowadays. You just can’t resist their requests for cuddles and hugs.

If you have children in the house, then you need not worry. They are amazing babysitters. You can entirely trust them not to hurt your little ones, just as long as you also train both the dog and the child not to harm one another.

You can quickly train them to associate with your other dogs if you have built such a huge fur family already. It may take a little bit of time, though, for all of them to adjust to one another especially with the highly energetic temperament.


Another characteristic of a Beagle Border Collie is its intelligence. Both its parents are highly intelligent breeds due to their upbringing, with the Border Collie being bred to be a herding dog while the Beagle is a hunting companion. Because of that, you can expect your puppy to respond positively to any attempt to train it.

You can, for instance, potty train a puppy in as quick as 7 days. The key to successful training, however, is always consistency. This means that you should always remind the dog what you are trying to teach them. Be firm and consistent, but avoid vigorous enforcement.

As with most dogs, training is best supplemented with a reward system for good behavior. Nothing enhances a dog’s comprehension than the promise of a treat for a job well done. raining should be started as early as possible before the puppies turn two months old and they become ready to move on to their new homes. They should be trained to potty, socialize, and learning who’s the leader of the pack.


Beagle Border Collie Mix Nutrition

As with all dogs, this breed has specific nutritional needs. It is your responsibility as the owner to provide them with food products that meet these lovable dogs’ dietary requirements.

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients that a dog needs to sustain its growth and development, from the puppy stage to adulthood. Now, protein is a compound composed of essential amino acids or the ones that a dog cannot produce on its own.

This means that you should pick the dog food that is rich in essential amino acids like arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, and many others. In addition to protein, another significant component of a dog’s health and nutrition are fatty acids.

There are fatty acids needed by a dog’s body – omega-6 and omega-3. Of the two, the dog needs more omega-6 than omega-3. Dogs also need to eat their share of carbohydrates. Unlike humans, however, dogs like these don’t rely solely on carbs to create calories. Most of these are derived from fat and protein. Finally, dogs also need lots of vitamins and minerals to grow strong and healthy.

When choosing the right dog food, take care to avoid foods that have animal by-products. They are known to be allergens and cause extreme discomfort for your dog when they trigger allergic reactions. Dogs also cannot tolerate artificial sweeteners and artificial preservatives.

The more natural the food is, the healthier it is for your dog. The presence of salt and sodium can also trigger gastrointestinal complications for your pet.

You should also take into consideration the age of your dog when you buy dog food. Puppies require more nutrients than adult dogs; thus they can benefit more from food formulated especially for them than from those made for adults.

Beagle Border Collie Mix Health and Care

With proper care and nutrition, a beagle collie mix can have a very long lifespan. says that you can expect them to live 12 years on average. Some individuals have lived to 15 years of age!

This dog is hardy, thanks to the characteristics that it inherited from both of its pure breed parents. There are very few health conditions that they can contract in its lifetime, but there is the occasional diagnosis of epilepsy.

Also, the only recorded significant concern for this mixed breed is hip dysplasia. This is a malformation of the ball and socket joint in a dog’s hip. They can get it as a puppy, but older dogs can still develop the disease because of osteoarthritis.

It’s vital that you take your dog to see the vet regularly. It’s also an excellent investment to subject it to periodic neurological tests and x-rays to spot complications early on.

Early detection enables you to manage the problem and make life as comfortable for your dog as possible.

It is highly energetic, so it must be allowed to expend extra energy or else it will vent that out in more destructive ways, like exhibiting aggressive behaviors and destroying furniture. Wag Walking suggests walking the dog 13 miles per week and giving it one hour of active play and exercise.


They require periodic grooming to manage its coat. Both the short and long coated individuals will periodically shed their fur.

This is natural because they need to get rid of old hair with new ones, but it can be a problem when furballs start to accumulate in the house. You’d need to get a comb made specially to brush dogs’ coats with.

It requires daily brushing to keep the shedding to a minimum. If your dog has a long coat, you will need to buy a bristle brush. The shorter coat can be maintained using a simple rubber curry brush.

The dog’s claws or nails also need to be periodically trimmed to keep it from growing too long and becoming uncomfortable. Regular trimming of once every 2 to 3 weeks is perfect for your dog’s needs.

Dogs eat, and they eat a lot. There will be debris trapped in between their teeth, and this could lead to tartar build up. That is easily solved by brushing your dog’s teeth once a week. It could be a challenge, given the high energy levels that they have, though.

Beagle Border Collie Mix Puppies

Medium-sized dogs like the Beagle and the Border Collie typically give birth to at least 4 puppies, and at most eight. Thus, we could expect the beagle cross collie to have the same litter size when giving birth.

Puppies would be tiny, weighing only a few ounces each and can fit into your hand. The mother will be typically very protective of its young at this stage.

Approach with caution, and generally leave mama dog alone to take care of her young. Feed her enough food, so she has enough strength to take care of her puppies.

You can see the color of the puppies’ coats during the first few days of their lives, but you won’t be able to determine the actual coat it will be having. Puppies spend their first three weeks of life sleeping, but they also experience rapid growth spurts.

After three weeks, they can start seeing, hearing and walking around. The mother will let them suck milk from her as sustenance up until 8 weeks, at which she begins to wean them off.

You should begin training the puppies in socialization when they turn four weeks old. Let them socialize with one another, so they acquire the skills necessary for mingling with other dogs. According to, four weeks is also a good time for you to start introducing solid food to the puppies, so they get used to its taste and slowly wean themselves from their mother’s milk.

Just take care to buy food that’s formulated especially for puppies, as these kinds of foods have the ideal nutrient balance to support their growth. Puppies need to be given their booster shots as soon as possible. They are extremely vulnerable to diseases like parvo and distemper – both of which are fatal to puppies.

These puppies are more energetic than their adult counterparts, and they require even more exercise and play time.

Beagle Border Collie Mix Price

They can be quite an investment. If you want to buy one, you’ll have to prepare around $600. The website Lancaster Puppies listed them at $475 and $550, respectively. These prices are for male and female puppies, respectively.

When you decide to buy them, you’re getting puppies that are at least 8 weeks of age, fully weaned and socialized. These prices generally do not include the costs for vaccinations and other medical concerns. You could expect, however, to spend more on food and other non-medical concerns like puppy toys, leashes, and collars.

Breed Organizations

The Beagle Border Collie mix is recognized as a crossbreed by the American Canine Hybrid Club and the Dog Registry of America Inc.

The American Canine Hybrid Club specializes in registering hybrid dogs, which is what mixed breeds are sometimes called. Based in Harvey, Arizona, the club has been working for 34 years to keep a registry of hybrid litters.

The Dog Registry of America Inc. is more ecumenical in its acceptance of dog registrants. It accepts both pure breeds and mixed breeds into its database. It also offers the Lost Pet Recovery Program, which helps owners who inadvertently lose their registered dogs find their pets.

What’s your experience with the Beagle Border Collie mix and other mixed breeds? Let us know in the comments below.

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