Are Pug Puppies Naughty? Plus Other Common Pug Behavior Problems

It’s essential to know everything about a dog’s breed if you want to get one.

If you want a pug, you might ask yourself if these dogs are good for your home? Are Pug puppies naughty? Are there any common behavior problems you should be aware of?

Here’s everything you should know about Pugs and their behavior.

How Are Dogs “Naughty”?

Before anything else, what does a “naughty” dog do? How does our definition of naughty differ from a dog’s perspective?

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word naughty means “mildly rude” or indecent. But our dog doesn’t know what indecency means. They have no idea what is deemed as proper and improper.

Our definition of a naughty person and a naughty dog is rather different. When pertaining to your pups, it’s more about being foolish, disobedient, rascal, or playful.


Characteristics of a Naughty Dog

Dogster Magazine has listed the main characteristics of a naughty dog:

  1. Sense of humor – Dogs believe that when we laugh, it’s a good thing. That means that their naughtiness really depends on us. If you laugh when your Pug chews your shoes, they will think it’s the right thing to do. Thus, they will do it more often.
  2. Charisma – Dogs, especially pugs, are charismatic. Perhaps more so than other breeds of dogs. They know they are adorable. And they somehow understand that they can use it to get away with anything
  3. Eager to please – Your dog loves to get your attention and approval. They will do anything to get it—either by being foolish or rascal. Humoring them the first time they do something naughty will make them believe it’s all right to do it again.

Why Are Dogs Naughty?

Dogs have a natural unruly side. They were bred for different purposes. Look back on their ancestry and you’ll also know they used to be wild.

That said, some dogs are naturally disobedient or destructive. This can be fixed by training them at an early age.

But there are also other reasons why your dog is naughty, especially if you have trained them.

Perhaps the most obvious of all is that dogs do something naughty in your eyes to get your attention. They either want to cheer you up and make you laugh. Or they want to prove a point and communicate with you.

Are Pugs Naughty?

Pugs are actually in the list of the top 10 naughtiest breeds by the magazine. It means that yes, pugs can be naughty. And that is because they have a very big personality.

First of all, pugs are adorable. They have the charisma to get away with chewing your shoes. All they need is to look at you with their puppy eyes and you’ll melt right away.

Pugs are also happy little creatures and are prone to comical antics and expressions. They love playing. Most of all, they can have a stubborn streak.

With all that combined, it’s not surprising that pugs are deemed as naughty. If you haven’t trained them or they don’t feel your authority, they can be disobedient. It will be hard for you to make them stop, especially if they believe they can get away with it.

Does This Make Them Bad Pets?

Not at all! You can train your Pug, and the more effectively you do it, the less naughty they become.

The most important thing is to never tolerate their naughty behavior. It doesn’t matter if they only chewed on a cheap toothbrush. They should be reprimanded firmly and gently so they’ll never do it again.

In truth, Pugs are amazing pets. They have an even temperament and are gentle and sweet.

Common Behavior Problems

Here are other common behavior problems from Pugs that need to be settled by proper training.

Potty Problems

When not trained, your Pug can be messy and smelly. They will pee and poo anywhere they want, even inside the house.

Potty training should start when your Pug is just a pup. Show them where they can do their business. If not, they will do it in the same place all over again.


For their small, mushed-up faces, Pugs love to chew on things. And this can be destructive behavior.

Make sure you take action once chewing starts. You can buy them toys they can chew on to avoid any financial problems on your side.


Pugs are whiny little dogs. They will whine if they want more treats. They will whine if they want to play.

For some, this may be a cute thing. But if you let them continue their whining, it will be inconvenient in the long run.


Pug puppies can be naughty, but you can always fix unruly behavior through dog training. But while they are stubborn, they can still become amazing pets. All they need from you is a little patience and a lot of love.

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