Are Pit Bull Dogs Smart? Getting a Pit Bull for the First Time

Pit bulls are also known as dogs for fighting. Yet, this breed could also work as great nanny dogs. There are plenty of dog breeds that are perfect for families, and the pit bull is one of them. Many dog lovers want to get this breed, but are pit bull dogs smart?

Yes, pit bulls are very intelligent, and they are also American heroes!

In the early 20th century, pit bulls became known as military heroes. Not only were pit bulls admired, but they were also used as mascots and as spokesdogs. The American forces took pit bulls to represent them back in World War I.

One of the most popular pit bull predecessors that had served the U.S. Military is Sergeant Stubby. He represented the 102nd Infantry Regiment and was also part of the 26th Yankee Division.

Stubby didn’t only carry the title “most decorated war dog“, he was also the only dog promoted to sergeant. Ever heard of an animated adventure film called Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero? The story is basing on the real trooper himself, Stubby.

Training Your Pit Bull to Help Them Settle at Home

Housetraining is the key when you want to manage a pit bull. There are misconceptions about this breed being too aggressive, but that is not true at all. Pit bulls rely on how you, as their owner, can take care of them. Like any other dog breed, pit bulls can be aggressive once they aren’t treated well by their owners.

Pit bulls tend to be soft to their humans, and they will train very well to please you. This breed is very hardworking, and they will be loyal to carers who treat them right. If you want training sessions to be successful, consider enforcing positive methods.

In the early parts of training, you could teach them good manners. The pit bull is a very enthusiastic breed and is considered a social butterfly. You might need to have this enthusiasm under control. It might also be helpful to have your dog undergo proper socialization training. Training can help in preventing unprovoked aggression toward humans.

Furthermore, it might also help if you get guidance from a professional trainer or behaviorist for pit bulls. Get information and also recommendations from these professionals for your pet. It could help if you know of the proper steps to proceed with the training.

Making Your Pit Bull Part of the Family

Pit bulls are perfect for children. This breed is an easy addition to your growing family. Since pit bulls are sociable, they can blend well with the family. They find it easy to thrive in the environment. Not only are pit bulls affectionate to kids, but to adults as well.

On the flipside, as a responsible owner, you might also want to teach your kids how to take care of pets. Kids will play with animals, and it’s your responsibility to set safety measures between them. Do this before letting them interact with each other.

Shower Your Pit Bull With Unconditional Love

But then, again, are pit bulls smart? They’re more than that. Apart from being smart, they need to feel loved. If you wish to take advantage of their ability to learn and adapt, you need to gain their trust. This is a breed that does not discriminate against anyone.

They love being with their humans, and these dogs crave petting and want cuddles. You might want to use it as a positive reinforcement in training them. Remember, positivity is the key when training pit bulls.

Be there for your pit bull, and they will also be your very own constant companion. They are great cuddlers and will keep you company—on your lap, on your bed, and on your couch. Pit bulls won’t care how big they are; as long as they like you, they will conquer your lap.

Owing to this type of behavior, pit bulls also function as great service and therapy dogs. You can train pit bulls as therapy dogs since the need to be loyal companions runs through their veins. It’s a great idea to have them trained for such when you or someone in the family needs a therapy dog.

Pit bulls are also very energetic. They need exercise and activities outdoors. You can get them “chew toys” not only for their teeth but also to stimulate their minds. This is an active breed that loves to interact, work, and play all the time.

How Would You Know If You’re Ready to Take Pit Bulls as Pets?

This is an important question to ask yourself if you’re a first-time pet owner. When you have set your sights on a pit bull, you need to know what pit bull breeds you have to take. There are several pit bull mixes that you can choose from.

In addition, know what type of dog food you should feed your pit bull. It’s important not to feed them everything that you eat. There are also human food that might upset a dog’s stomach. Check food guides on how to properly take care of pit bulls.

Even though pit bulls may still scare some people, they deserve all love and affection. Pit bulls are very resilient, and they have strong spirits. With the right training, they could be both an emotional and physical support for the family.

Then again, you ask, are pit bull dogs smart? If they are eligible for training and get canine good citizen certificates, then yes, they are. Pit bulls are worth it, and they reciprocate your love with more affection.

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