Are Labrador Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Living alone, you can get almost any pet you wish. If you wanted a dog, any breed would do. But with a family, you have to choose which breed you should get wisely. One of the best choices you can make is choosing a Labrador retriever.

But are Labrador retrievers good family dogs?

Why Choose a Labrador Retriever?

There are so many breeds to choose from, even when you don’t include hybrid mixes. Among all these breeds, there are several that work best as family dogs. While all dogs can actually be a good house pet, you still have to check their temperament.

But why choose a Lab retriever? What’s the best thing about them that makes them compatible with families?

Here are several reasons why Lab retrievers are deemed as the best family dog:

America’s Favorite

Labrador retrievers are basically America’s favorite dog. They have been earning American Kennel Club’s top spot for breed popularity.

It’s possible you won’t be the only family that will own a Lab. They’re so popular that when you go to dog parks, there’ll be a few Labs. Several families in your neighborhood will likely have this breed as a pet.

Their popularity ensures you can trust the breed.

Even Temperament

Perhaps the most important part of finding a dog is knowing their temperament. Some dogs are meant for families because of their friendly attitude. They are patient and kind, especially toward small children.

The Labrador retriever is one of the dog breeds you can trust your children with. They’re very friendly and gentle. So much so that they can even tolerate other dogs and even cats.

But Labs aren’t the best watchdogs so you have to consider that as well. They will bark loudly when they sense danger. Yet, they aren’t as alert as some breeds.


Do you have kids that are really hyper? Can’t keep up with their energy levels? Get a Labrador retriever and hit two birds with one stone.

Lab retrievers have a high-energy level. They need daily exercise to ensure they’re healthy and strong. Plus, exercising ensures they don’t become hyperactive.

Combine the gentleness of the Lab and their high energy and you have the best playmate. Make sure your dog is trained and your kids know the dos and don’ts of handling a dog. It’s also important to monitor every playtime to avoid accidents.

Low Maintenance

Labs are low maintenance. You don’t have to bring them to the groomer every month or so. You also don’t have to do the grooming yourself.

It’s a perfect situation especially when you have small kids to attend to.

One problem you might have with your Labrador retriever is separation anxiety. This happens when they are overly attached to you and they’re left alone. This can lead to destructive behavior as this is the way they cope with the stress.

Avoid this by training your dog to be more independent.

Another thing is that Labs do shed rather heavily at some point. These normally happen when seasons change. You can remedy this by brushing their coat and having a vacuum ready at hand.

Eager to Please

Labrador retrievers have an eager-to-please attitude. It makes it easier to train them. Just give them treats and some praises along with several repetitions.

Apart from that, Labs are highly trainable due to their intelligence. They can learn basic commands to more complex ones.

Low Aggression

An amazing family dog is a breed that has low aggression. They won’t snap on you or growl at your kids when they get a little annoying. Fortunately, Labs are pretty low on the list of aggressive dogs.

But you should know that Lab puppies have biting problems. This happens when they are teething. If this behavior is ignored until adulthood, it can turn into a problem.

Train your dog to never bite you or your family. Most of the time, these bites are playful rather than aggressive. But it will harm you since their adult teeth are sharper when developed.

Apartment Living

Many families live in apartments. Since they do, choosing a breed of dog is rather tough. You have to ensure they can adapt to the environment.

Besides their friendly attitude and low aggression, Labs can also thrive in apartments. There will be a few changes such as their exercise routine.

But it’s entirely possible for your family and your Lab to live well in apartments. Just ensure they’re well-trained and you always give them exercise. Not doing so will lead to the destruction of your home.


So are Labrador retrievers good family dogs? The quick answer is yes. In general, Labrador retrievers are one of the best family dogs you can get. They have the personality of an amazing pet that can be a great member of the family. But as a responsible pet owner, you should also make sure that your Labrador retriever is safe in your home.

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