Are Golden Retriever Puppies Destructive?

Are your golden retriever puppies destroying everything? You won’t be the first dog owner to have that experience. But since these dogs are generally known as gentle and kind, it can be a little shocking. But are Goldern Retriever puppies destructive by nature? Let’s find out.

So, why are they doing it? Is there any reason behind your dog’s destructive behavior? And lastly, what can you do about it?

This article will hopefully give you the answers you need.

Are Golden Retrievers Destructive?

Golden retriever puppies do have a tendency to be destructive. It’s common for your pup to chew their stuffed toys until it breaks apart. They may also chew on your shoes or some parts of your furniture.

There are reasons why they do it. Once you have fixed the root problems, they normally stop. Most golden retrievers also lose the destructive behavior as they grow older.

Then again, it’s best that you also help them lose this bad habit.

Is Chewing Normal?

Chewing is a part of a dog’s nature. It’s a lot like licking – they find comfort and relaxation when they do this. That said, you don’t necessarily have to stop your dog from chewing.

We want our dogs to stop chewing on things we want to stay intact. That said, we shouldn’t entirely stop their chewing. Instead, let’s focus on stopping them from chewing our carpets, shoes, and furniture.

Reasons Behind Destructive Behaviors

There are deeper reasons why your golden retriever pup is chewing on things. Below are the most possible reasons behind this destructive behavior.


Your dog is possibly teething. During this time, your dog may feel pain or discomfort. They alleviate the pain and stress by chewing on things.

Golden retriever puppies spend around six months teething. It’s best that you help your dog by giving them chew toys. These are specially-made for teething pups.

Additionally, understand your dog when they’re going through this phase.

But some might think, it’ll just go away, right? Teething does stop at a certain time and with it goes the pain and discomfort. It’s possible your dog will stop chewing on things.

But this can also turn into a bad habit and they may jump from chew toys to your stuff. If this happens, intervene and train your pup. After all, training them while they’re still young works best.

Separation Anxiety

Golden retrievers are prone to separation anxiety. When left alone for a long time, they’d start coping with their anxiety by being destructive. They will chew on anything they can possibly chew.

It’s not uncommon for golden retriever owners to come home to absolute chaos.

But instead of letting them off the hooks, it’s essential to start training them. Moreover, you should anticipate this kind of behavior before getting a goldie.

You can fix the problem by letting them get used to the idea of being alone. Start by leaving the room for a few minutes. If they behave, reward them with a treat.

Do this frequently and increase the time that you’re away.

If you can’t fix it on your own, you can always hire a professional to help you. You can approach board-certified veterinary behaviorists to deal with this problem.


Boredom can also lead to bad habits, especially when your dog lacks proper exercise. Without stimulation from exercising, they’ll find ways to entertain themselves. Unfortunately, it always ends up being destructive.

Daily exercise is essential if you want to have a golden retriever. You don’t always have to run or walk with them. Bring them to the dog park or let them out in your yard and play fetch with them.

That alone can be a great exercise for your dogs. Plus, it also stimulates them and makes them feel happier.

How To Stop Destructive Behavior

Here are some of our tips so you can stop your golden retriever’s destructive chewing:

  • Know the root of the problem. You can know which of the reasons mentioned above most likely triggers the behavior. If this happens when you’re not around, it’s likely separation anxiety. If the chewing happens when you are around, it could be due to teething or boredom.
  • Address the main issue. Start bringing them out more often if they lack exercise. Or you can check with their vet for a chew toy while they’re teething.
  • Don’t let them chew anything that shouldn’t be chewed on. This will include your furniture, shoes, carpets, rugs, or your children’s toys. When they start doing so, don’t punish or hit them. Be firm and say “No.” Reward them once they stop. They will associate this good behavior with treats and praises.
  • Buy them something they can actually chew on. You can’t stop a dog’s chewing behavior altogether as it comes naturally to them. Instead, get them something that’s meant for chewing. You may even get toys where you can find treats.

Conclusion: Are Golden Retriever Puppies Destructive?

To answer your question again, are Golden Retriever puppies destructive? Not if you train and exercise them daily. Golden retriever puppies are easy to train because they are smart creatures. Use this to your advantage and teach them good behavior.

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