Are English Bulldogs Good Pets?

Originally bred for baiting and fighting other dogs, the English Bulldog has evolved into a happy go lucky breed pet fit for any household. Bulldogs were highly prized because of their immensely strong jaw bite, tenacity, aggression, and ability to weather an attack and get away unharmed thanks to their flappy skin. So, are English Bulldogs good pets? Let’s find out.

Today, Bulldogs have grown into couch potatoes. Despite their grumpy face, they are very curious, friendly and generally happy. Bulldogs are equally brave, loyal, and loving. Nevertheless, they can be stubborn and strong-willed.

Overall, Bulldogs make great family pets. Here are a few other reasons why English Bulldogs make good pets.


English Bulldogs are stubborn and are not easily trainable. It implies your pet will have a tough time picking up and following commands. Bulldogs, unlike other dog breeds that need work to be happy, do not enjoy following commands to please their parents.

However, not being trainable does not make them terrible pets. Overall, they are loving, loyal pets with a huge personality guaranteed to bring fun to your home.

English Bulldogs also have a reputation of being not too smart. However, that is not entirely true. Bulldogs can easily be trained using the right methods and because they are stubborn, they stick to what they are taught. When you have a mixed breed Bulldog, expect them to be more intelligent as well.

Great Guard Dogs

Bulldogs make excellent guard dogs just because of their mean face, but they can also ward off intruders with their temperament. Bulldogs become intimidating when they detect threats. They can run a short distance quickly. They are fiercely protective of their loved ones and will have no problem getting into action when they sense danger.

One of the reasons they make excellent guard dogs is their strength. Bulldogs are incredibly strong. Pound for pound, they are one of the strongest breeds. They are muscular underneath all the wrinkles. It is almost impossible to beat them in a game of tug of war.

The strength plays into their stubbornness. It is physically impossible to get them moving when they do not feel like it. For that reason, most Bulldog pet parents use a harness rather than a pet collar, which offers them added control. Collars almost do not work for Bulldogs because they have a thick neck that allows collars to slip off easily.

Loyal and Protective

English Bulldogs are bold and they are not afraid to stand their ground. They can be protective of their parents, and they tend to be territorial. This seems like aggression when a pet is not properly trained. In a well-trained Bulldog, this is a positive trait.

Properly trained Bulldogs are loving and loyal around their family members, and often form long-lasting bonds with those they trust and love. They also tend to be people pleasers around those they know. However, they can be aggressive towards other dogs.

This is particularly true between male pets. This behavior can be tempered with proper socialization while the Bulldog is still young. It would be easier if you took your Bulldog to a puppy kindergarten where he will be taught to socialize with other pets under a controlled environment.

Protective of Their Food

Bulldogs tend to show aggression where food is concerned. They fiercely protect their snacks and meals, and they do not like sharing.

Because they love food so much, Bulldogs tend to be beggars or scavengers. So, ensure you do not leave him alone with the kids or allow your children to offer him treats from the dining table.

Bulldogs have a stocky and muscular body profile, and they are motivated by food. They are also susceptible to obesity. Ensure your pet is on a healthy diet and he gets enough exercise. Too much weight will strain his back and legs, which can lead to health complications.

Gentle Temperament

English Bulldogs were bred to fight. However, years of careful dog breeding has made this temperament disappear. This has dampened their aggressive nature. Although they are strong willed, they are actually keen to please, which makes them devoted pets.

The Bulldog makes a great family pet despite an aggressive history, and they are known for their immense patience just as their brave and affectionate nature. Bulldogs are usually happy to wrestle and play and can be very patient with kids who continuously test their limits.

Final Take

Let nothing, not even an aggressive past, come in the way of you bringing a Bulldog home. They are gentle, affectionate, loyal and loving pets that also make great guards. They do not ask for too much other than love, healthy food, and some belly rubs. They may be stubborn and difficult to train, but there is nothing that a little socialization will not fix. Overall, are English Bulldogs good pets? Definitely!

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