Are Dachshunds Good With Other Dogs?

The dachshund is a very distinct breed that won the hearts of many people throughout the world. What’s more is that if you can’t get enough of them, you might want to own multiple dachshunds or other breeds. In this case, you might be thinking, are dachshunds good with other dogs? Furthermore, if you are a pet lover, you might want to own dachshunds with other animals in your home. Let’s find out if the dachshund is a suitable breed for your household.

A brief overview of Dachshund’s behavior

According to the America Kennel Club, dachshunds are expected to be friendly, curious and spunky. Moreover, dachshunds are very energetic dogs due to their hunting dog ancestry. The intelligence of the dachshund makes them great pets, but this also means that they are prone to boredom when left alone.

Dachshunds can be good with children. However, it is always recommended to supervise your kids when interacting with your dogs. The dachshund is intelligent enough to know how to interact with kids properly, but you still have to look out for signs when dachshunds become too hyperactive and begin to play rough with kids.

Dachshunds are seldom shy. They like to socialize with other dogs and visitors when they know that it is safe to do so. On the other hand, dachshunds make excellent watchdogs because they are can surely alert their owners if there is a potential threat. Furthermore, dachshunds can also be taught to welcome guests properly upon command.

Dachshunds are spunky and this makes them a bit more challenging to train than other breeds. However, if you have the patience, energy, and consistency to train them, they are capable of doing the things that you are training them for. Just remember that the intelligent dachshund is also very sensitive deep inside, so avoid yelling and harsh punishment during training. Furthermore, you might want to use a dog training collar to aid your training sessions.

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Dachshund temperament towards dogs and other animals

The dachshund is a very intelligent dog breed that enjoys the company of other dogs. However, if you own larger dogs than the dachshund, you might want to supervise their regular interactions because the energetic dachshund does not know that it is small and prone to injury when playing with larger dogs. Dachshunds usually enjoy the company of other dogs, especially when they also like to play. Generally, dachshunds are often receptive to other friendly dogs, so it is not a problem if you would like to add a household with other dogs and vice versa.

Dachshunds are often friendly towards other dogs, people, and most other pets. Furthermore, dachshunds may even enjoy the company of friendly cats, especially if they grew together. However, dogs and cats have unique personalities, so as a responsible pet owner, it is up to you to assess whether your dog and cat are capable of living together or not. In most cases, dachshunds are friendly with cats, so if you plan on keeping both the dachshund and the cat in the same house, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Dachshund energy level

The dachshund is an intelligent and high-energy dog in a small package. This might be a blessing or a curse in the case of the dachshund because they might play too rough for their bodies to handle. Moreover, they are at risk of injury if dachshunds play too rough with larger dogs. Not all dogs are friendly and dachshunds may still want to interact with them. In dog parks, you might be able to observe very energetic dachshunds playing around and sometimes their games can last for hours as they enjoy the company of other dogs.


Are Dachshunds good with other dogs?

Yes, the dachshund is good with other dogs. Furthermore, they can interact with other friendly dogs very well. As long as you can socialize your dachshund early on, they do not develop any anti-social behavior towards other dogs. In addition, the dachshund is a very intelligent a friendly breed. If even you observe that your dachshund is beginning to bully dogs of smaller breeds, you should immediately address the behavior, so the behavior does not get worse.

Just like any other dog breed, the dachshund is a pack animal, so they have good social behavior deep within their genetics. However, not all dogs are as friendly as the dachshund, so bear in mind that even though your dachshund may be friendly, other dogs may still respond with hostility. Dachshunds are generally good with other dogs of the same or similar size. But, keep close supervision if your dachshund wants to interact with larger breeds which might be unfriendly. Also, if your dachshund wants to interact with puppies or smaller breeds, you may supervise them to prevent any injuries during rough games.

At home, dachshunds can get along with other animals quite well. Besides, they are intelligent enough to know that these other dogs that share their homes are also part of their pack. Or at least that is how your dachshund might see them. Even cats and other animals are welcome in the dachshund’s life. They may exhibit some hunting behavior with rodent pets. However, if you introduce them properly, your dachshund will eventually know that these other animals are part of their pack, too.


Are dachshunds good with other dogs? We can confidently say, yes they are. The dachshund is a very friendly and intelligent breed that can easily get along with other dogs. Moreover, when introduced properly, dachshunds may also get along with other pets quite well. The dachshund may be spunky, but they are also very sociable dogs.

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