Are Chihuahuas Affectionate?

If what you’re after is a tiny and affectionate dog, then get a Chihuahua! Tiny and handy, it doesn’t require much space in your home. Small but feisty, it doesn’t cower from strangers and other dogs. Funny and entertaining, you will definitely love this charmer to bits. But what’s up with your hesitation?

Chihuahuas Are Seemingly Snotty

At first glance, they seem to be, but they are not. Chihuahuas are just overprotective of their territory and of the people that take care of them. But if an owner raised a dog—no matter the breed—to be antisocial and aggressive, then it can easily become one. AKC (American Kennel Club) affirms that this tiny breed is “alert, projecting the ‘terrier-like’ attitudes of self-importance, confidence and self-reliance.” Yes, the tiny Chihuahua has a big personality, and it does not seem to be aware of its size. This, however, should be taken in a positive view because its big personality makes this doggie a fearless and reliable watchdog despite its size.

Chihuahuas Are More Than Affectionate

If you are still having second thoughts about this breed’s affectionate quality, read further and learn about its other disarming traits.

  • Sweet. Chihuahuas have a sweet disposition. Owners know this through the way their pet looks at them, intent and full of love.
  • Kissers. This is one of the most lovable traits of a Chihuahua; they love to kiss their owners. When a Chihuahua befriends another dog, it will lick and spruce up his canine friend too.
  • Love to cuddle. Chihuahuas love to grope in blankets and cuddle with their owners.
  • Loyal. This is an expected trait of a man’s best friend. Once you show a dog some kindness, it will swear to protect you no matter what.

chihuahua rolling on grass

  • Love your company. This is the reason why Chihuahuas are mistaken to be snotty because they prefer to be with their owner most of the time. They just love to be with their owner’s side; it’s their favorite place.
  • Naturally funny. They are effortless entertainers. Their naive facial expressions can already crack you up.
  • Sprightly. They are alert and quick to take on your command, especially if you train them while they are still puppies.
  • Devoted. A Chihuahua is very devoted to its owner but not in a clingy way. As long as you shower it with love and attention, it will be happily (not hopelessly) devoted to you.

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Let Your Chihuahua Feel the Love Too

Making your Chihuahua happy is just a fair thing to do. This tiny friend will not demand much from you, just a little of everything—little time, little exercise, little food. Here are several ways to make your pooches feel the love.

Praise and appreciate.

Patting your dog on the head, rubbing its belly, or scratching him behind his ears are actions that translate into love and affection. A verbal reward, such as “good boy” or “good dog,” will also go a long way. Notice your pet’s sweetness and obedience by giving it treats.

Return the extravagant welcome.

This is actually my favorite part of the day—coming home to an excited pet. With or without bringing anything, your Chihuahua will just be happy to see you home and will not ask if you bought him something. Nevertheless, return those warm welcomes by spending some quality time with your pet. Play, cuddle, and walk together — these are easy things to do but can greatly warm the heart. Doing these things to your pet will also be good for you, giving you good vibes and taking away your stress.


Let your Chihuahua sleep beside you.

This shouldn’t be hard because a Chihuahua is so tiny it won’t take much of your bed’s space. If you’re afraid of squishing it though, you can put your dog in a dog bed and let it sleep next to your own bed. That is still close enough.

Take your best friend out.

Taking your Chihuahua outside of your home is a good diversion for your pet. It will also allow the dog to encounter other canine friends and other people. Walking your dog to the park may be old and common, but it is still an effective activity for you and your pet.

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Play a strength-test game and let your dog win.

Making your Chihuahua feel that he is strong will boost his confidence, especially in protecting you and your territory. Give him treats for winning the game, and this will become an enjoyable and rewarding activity for him.

Are Chihuahuas Affectionate?

Yes, definitely! And if you are still unconvinced, then this short clip from Daily Picks and Flicks may win you over.

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