best large breed puppy food

Best Large Breed Puppy Food | Reviews and Comparisons

Different breeds have different nutritional needs, but large breeds can be particularly tricky because of their rapid growth while they are puppies. There are many different products available to provide your puppy with the nutrition …

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german shepherd dog sitting on grass

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds | Top Picks for Puppies and Adults

If you own a German shepherd dog, you must agree with me that they have an extremely sensitive digestive system. Investing in the best dog food for German shepherds is never out of the question. …

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Are Dachshunds Good With Other Dogs?

The dachshund is a very distinct breed that won the hearts of many people throughout the world. What’s more is that if you can’t get enough of them, you might want to own multiple dachshunds or other breeds. In this …

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Dachshund Will Not Pee Outside: The Reasons Why and Steps to Take

Once you bring home a new dachshund, you are probably ready for the commitment of having to potty train your dog. However, housebreaking a dog might not always be an easy as it sounds and it can be frustrating. But, …

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Dachshund Will Not Stop Barking? Steps You Can Take

The dachshund is a hound dog with a very strong hunting background. Moreover, they are also very good watchdogs with a loud bark that resembles that of a big dog. However, this barking behavior of a dachshund might not be …

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Dachshund Will Not Walk: What To Do and Why it Happens

The dachshund is a popular breed in the US because of its distinct appearance and irresistible cuteness. However, some dachshunds might be stubborn and refuse to go on walks. Dachshunds’ personalities may vary since every dog is unique. In this …

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Are Dachshunds Good Apartment Dogs?

Dachshunds are really cute as puppies or adults. Their great personality and distinct looks can really win the hearts of many. However, living in an apartment with limited space may also limit your breed choices. Are dachshund good apartment dogs? …

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Can Dachshunds Climb Stairs?

The dachshund is a popular short-legged breed in the US, according to the American Kennel Club. Moreover, this breed comes in two different sizes namely the standard and the miniature. The standard dachshund is more capable of strenuous physical activity. …

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When Will Golden Retriever Stop Biting?

Golden retrievers are best known for their even temper and kindness. They are perfect family pets as they work very well with kids. These gentle creatures are amazing. And it’s not impossible to fall madly in love with them. But …

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Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Are you thinking of adding a fur baby to your household? With its calm demeanor, playfulness, and high trainability, the golden retriever is a perfect choice. But are golden retrievers good family dogs? Let’s take a look at this adorable creature’s …

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Will Labrador Retrievers Protect You?

Labrador retrievers are well-loved for their even temperaments and loyalty. They have high energy and are kind to people, especially the small kids. This combination makes it possible to find your dog and your kids a playmate. A Lab’s friendliness …

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