8 Signs Your Dog Loves You

It’s easy to fall in love with dogs. They are loyal, adorable, and cuddly balls of fur. Plus, no matter what the breed, they can have their humorous and memorable moments.

But does your dog love you? Do they love you because you’re their dog parent or you’re the one with the treats? If you doubt it, here are nine signs your dog loves you.

Roughhousing and Playing

Playing catch with your pooch is a good thing. It helps them exercise and lets you bond with them. You may even catch them doing something funny. Your dog often finds this activity fun, especially when it’s done with you.

Playing can be a sign of their love for you if they started roughhousing. You might notice your dog doing this with their siblings, parents, or other dogs as well. They’ll look like they are wrestling or biting each other.

Roughhousing isn’t dangerous. In fact, it’s even encouraged ad it can help them release their energy. If the dogs involved are great friends, they’ll both know not to take it too seriously. 

However, there are limits. Big dogs and small dogs playing together, or dogs with sharp teeth and heavy bites, should be under supervision while playing.

Roughhousing means your dog trusts you. They trust that you won’t hurt them. Plus, it also means they enjoy your company as you’re fun to be with.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important in the human world. It means we’re interested in the other person and what they’re talking about. It’s a sign of respect and that you’re paying attention.

But it’s different in the canine world. Eye contact is rude and it can bring on aggressive behavior.

Yet if your dog locks eye contact with you, almost showing no whites on their eyes, it’s a positive thing. Their relaxed gaze means they love you and trust you. They are happy and comfortable with your company.

It also means they are waiting for you to give a command, feed them, or play with them.

Tail Wagging

As a dog owner, you’ve probably figured out that your dog’s wagging tail is a positive sign. It means they are happy and that they love you. It also means they are happy to see you.

You’ll notice this behavior when you walk towards your dog. They might be calmly sitting or laying down. But their little tail starts wagging–calm at first and then more intense as you get closer.

But you also have to know that tail wagging isn’t always happy and affectionate. It can mean they’re excited because there is another animal outside or that there is a friend coming over.

Observe your dog’s actions and reactions. If they have dilated pupils, stiffened muscles, and pinned ears, it can be a sign of annoyance and anger. And this can all happen while they’re wagging their tails as a reflex.

a smiling dog


Yawning may be a simple act. Most often, it means that our dog is tired or sleepy. But it can also mean that your dog loves you.

Even with us humans, yawning is something we do when we’re relaxed. It’s the same with our dogs. They’ll only yawn when they are relaxed and comfortable with their company. 

If we yawn and they follow suit, it means your dog trusts you and adores you.

Positive Reaction to Your Voice

Not all dogs react to their names. Some will continue to ignore you or will look at you for a few moments and go back to what they’re doing. If your dog reacts to your voice positively, that means they love you.

If you call their name and they stop exploring the bush or chasing birds, you’re lucky. It simply means your dog would rather come to you and greet you than play by themselves.


Snuggling doesn’t need any scientific proof to see it as a sign of your dog loving you. You must feel it when they snuggle close to you or sleep with you.

Your dog will lean on you and will often sleep with their head on you. They might even put their paw on your feet or your hands when they’re sleeping.

After all, your dog could sleep anywhere. But they will insist on sleeping close to you.


Jumping at you is often a sign that your dog is happy that you’re there. It can be their form of greeting. This shows how excited they are that they can finally see you again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re gone for a few minutes or a few hours. The fact that they’ll jump on you and freak out when they see you is enough proof.

But many dog owners find it undesirable if their dog jumps on them. If you dislike that, it’s no problem. You can train them to stop if you find that troublesome. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad dog parent.

a loving dog

Stealing Your Things

This may sound like a bad thing and indeed, it’s rather annoying. You’re trying to find one pair of your socks only to know your dog has stolen it. Or that you’re trying to tidy the place and your dog starts running with your clothes.

But while it’s bad for us, it actually means something good. It’s one of the signs your dog loves you. They steal your clothes because they love your smell and your things have your smell on them.

Now that you know the signs your dog loves you, you can rest assured that they will be a loyal and loving companion as long as possible. 

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