8 Reasons Why Pugs are the Best Pets

Own a Pug or maybe two? You’re in luck! They are one of the best pets to have.

If you’re still thinking of buying a pup or adopting one, here’s everything you should know.

Listed below are the top 8 reasons why pugs are the best pets anyone can ask for!

1. They are extremely adorable!

It’s hard to look at a Pug and not melt. They are extremely adorable, especially with their scrunched-up faces. Add to that their small size.

You can definitely take a million pictures of your pet Pug for social media. They will garner lots of attention from your followers.

Costumed pugs are also getting popular online as they look cute in anything. You’ll have fun playing around with their look.



Pugs come in different colors. There are brindle pugs, fawn pugs, apricot pugs, black pugs, white pugs, and silver pugs. There’s a variety of choices if you’re not a fan of a specific dog color.

In general, Pugs are adorable. It’s one of the many reasons why they deserve to be called the best pets.

2. Pugs are sweet and cuddly.

Pets are more than just domesticated animals around the house. They’re also a companion—a family member. And you’re lucky to have a Pug as a pet as they are the sweetest.

Pugs love being cuddled. They love head and belly rubs as much as they love treats. Your little pug can take away all your stress with just one hug.

Pugs are devoted dogs. But this can be a little problematic. These dogs get jealous when they aren’t the center of your attention.

Pug pups aren’t aggressive. But they can show unruly behavior when they get jealous. Train them to be social to avoid this.

3. They are great with children.

Some dog breeds work best as pets with a specific type of family. For example, Chihuahuas work well with a family with all adult members. But Pugs are for everyone.

Pugs are a great addition to the family whether you have children or not. They work well with kids, so it’s no big deal.

Their facial structure also plays a huge role in their interaction with children. The shape of their mouth also makes them harmless than other breeds. It prevents them from biting that well.

These dogs are patient, even with toddlers. They also love playing games. But most of all, they will protect their family no matter what.

4. Pugs are gentle.

Pugs aren’t just good with children. They’re gentle and passive, so it makes them good with everyone in the house.

Barking excessively won’t be a problem. But they do signal you when they sense danger. Like any dog, they are keen on protecting the family and the house.

They tolerate children and adults alike. Nipping and biting aren’t a problem as well.

But pugs do like to chew on things. This can be remedied by house-training them at an early age.

5. They are intelligent.

Pugs have a reputation for being stubborn and getting easily distracted. But that doesn’t mean they are hard to train. Once you know how to train them, they can absorb the lessons fast.

That’s because they are highly intelligent dogs. Besides basic commands, you can teach them more advanced tricks.

You can even train them for indoor potty training.

6. They don’t take too much space.

Pugs may not be the smallest breed. But they are small enough that they don’t take that much space.

Getting a pet Pug is no problem if you live in a small apartment. They can move around as easily as you could.

7. Pugs are great entertainment.

A great pet will relieve your stress. Every time you’re with them, you feel at ease and relaxed. With a pug, you get all that and more. You also get yourself good quality entertainment.

No, you don’t have to train your pug complicated tricks. You only need to stare and follow them around and you’ll have the best time.

Pugs seem to love comical expressions. It comes naturally to them.

They are also quirky. They do anything they want and most of the time it’s something that will make you laugh.

8. Pugs can live for a long time.

Pugs have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. But they can go beyond their years when you take good care of them.

All their life, they will be devoted to you. You have good a companion for a good few years of your life. And every day you’re with them, you can guarantee they will take away your stress and anxiety.


There are many reasons why Pugs are the best pets. But in general, they are sweet dogs with an even temperament. Pugs will also fit into any type of loving family and home.

They were bred to become companion and lap dogs. Until now, they serve their purpose well.

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