10 Most Gullible And Lovable Pets

It feels a little bit mean laughing at dogs getting into all sorts of trouble and being unintentionally funny. But funny dog videos — and now GIFs — show us that man’s best friend sure can bring a smile to our faces like no other — even when they don’t mean to.

From the hungry pooch who gets his mug trapped inside a jar of snacks, to the furry pup who goes crazy over a toy penguin, to the curious dog who takes an unintentional nosedive into the pool, these GIFs of the most adorable — and gullible — puppers are sure to brighten up your day.

Why walk down the stairs when you can slide down ‘em — and on your belly, no less? This adoring pup shows us that even the most mundane of activities can be loads of fun!


This brawny bud was just about to show off his fetching skills, but — oops! — things just don’t turn out quite as intended.

Seems like this adorable pupper isn’t used to the doggy door being left open and had to give himself a little pep talk before going through. Old habits and all that.

Up, up, and away!

Think this doggy’s ever seen a live fish before?

One of those times when you wish you had longer legs.


Not only did this persistent pooch get his head stuck in a container of cheese balls, but he also got himself into a sneezing fit afterwards. Adorable!

One minute you’re playing in the kiddie pool and the next, you’re… trapped in a claustrophobic nightmare.

“I just wanted to taste the water!”

Zeus and Roxanne the sequel?

This pretty pooch goes positively wild over this goofy penguin.

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