Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

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best dog food for pitbulls

Pitbulls are considered a medium to small sized breed of dogs. They can either add weight super-fast or get emaciated if given the wrong type and portion of food.

This is the primary reason why you need to feed them the best dog food for pitbulls. For extreme conditions, pitbulls responds well to supplements. However, stay away from steroids.

Best Dog Food For Pitbulls Comparison

Some Quick Pitbull Nutrition

Like most other muscular dogs, pitbulls, who are often called bullies, require a well thought out nutrition plan with great dog food for pitbulls to achieve the necessary energy and nutrition without getting obese or skinny. Below is a detailed analysis of the importance of the major dog food components.

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  • Fat: This is the primary source of energy for bullies. Experts recommend an average of 20% fat content. Higher for skinny pitbulls and less for overweight ones. Fat also helps in enhancing a healthier skin. Too much fat in pitbulls, however, may lead to obesity. We all know what that leads to, right?
  • Protein: This component is ideal for muscle building in pitbulls. An average of 40% protein is advisable for adult bullies. Especially relevant to the active ones.
  • Carbohydrates: For bullies, this is not a major necessity. Keep the carbs to less than 20% and your dog will be fine. Too much of that could cause indigestion problems.
  • Additional elements: These include supplements, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. They contribute to a healthy and immune dog. Pitbulls respond very well to target supplements, but like I said before, avoid giving them steroids. There are several natural supplements to achieve that model figure.

Top Food For Pitbulls


Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

  • Package weight: 4, 6, 15, and 30 lbs.
  • ​Brown rice and chicken is the main ingredient/ flavor
  • ​Contains fatty acids, Glucosamine, and Omega 6 and 3
  • ​Additional nutrition: Vitamins, antioxidants, and chelated minerals
  • ​Enhances removal of tartar on your dog’s teeth
  • ​Gives your dog improved immunity and muscular energy
  • ​Healthy and shiner coat
  • Not the best food for skinny pitbulls

Is your pitbull a picky eater? It’s time you tried the Blue Buffalo dog food for pitbulls. It doesn’t contain animal by-products, and therefore the taste is fresh and natural. Consequently, most dogs love it. This is not your best choice of food if you are just transitioning from puppy food to adult dog food. It’s rather strong for a starter.

Blue Buffalo’s dog food is made from real chunks of deboned chicken combined with whole rice. In addition, the nutrition is enhanced with antioxidants and minerals. It contains a good percentage of chicken which is a rich protein source. Because of that, your pitbull will develop muscles quicker.

The food is also enhanced with fatty acids which promote a healthy and shinier skin. Whole grains such as brown rice and oats, contained in this brand, give your pitbull lots of energy.

The food consistency is kibble chunks. As the dog chews, tartar gets removed naturally. Glucosamine as an ingredient promotes mobility by contributing to healthy joints in your pitbull. In addition, the antioxidants further enhance your dog’s immunity. Overall, the food is well balanced for a healthy dog.

The Blue Buffalo dog food does not contain animal by-products or other ingredients such as wheat which would otherwise react with most pitbulls. Consequently, your pitbull is at a safer position since they are known to be prone to some food allergies. Furthermore, this food is free from artificial preservatives and color.


Gorilla Max Protein Muscle Supplement For Dogs

  • Package weight: 30, 60, and 90 serving
  • ​Formulated to be used as a supplement rather than normal dog food
  • ​Highly concentrated in protein
  • ​Additional nutrition: vitamins and antioxidants
  • ​Significant impact on muscle build-up for your pitbull
  • ​Improves your dog’s immunity
  • ​Easy for your dog to digest and absorb
  • Has a rather strong smell

Gorilla Max is a unique pitbull supplement that aims at giving your dog a more powerful and muscular body. It comes in the form of powder rather than kibbles. Despite that, most adult pitbulls eat this food without being overly selective, as long as you mix it well with your typical dog food.

This is the dog food for pitbulls who are rather weak and low in muscle to bone ratio. It is more of a supplement than regular dog food. This is good because you will achieve muscle build-up faster and it is safer than using steroids. If you are still at the puppy stage, this is not the type of food you can consider. The reason being, puppies need stronger bones and lesser muscle.

Gorilla Max is a great supplement highly dosed with proteins. These work on your pitbull’s muscles making them leaner yet strong. It also improves the fat to muscle ratio resulting in a well-toned dog. The food comes in powder form. This makes it readily soluble in wet food for your dog to eat without being fussy. In case you are feeding you dog dry food, you can always add a little water to make it easier for your dog to eat.

Finally, Gorilla Max is a company that holds a high reputation for producing good quality dog food and supplements. This is also one of the brands you can trust. It is gluten and steroids free. In addition, it meets approval from relevant authorities such as AAFCO and FDA.


MVP K9 Supplements Formula Mass Weight Gainer For Dogs

  • Package weight: one pack
  • ​Steroid-free weight gain supplement
  • ​Ideal for both puppies and adult pitbulls
  • ​Significantly adds weight on your pitbull
  • ​Results in a healthy coat and shiny skin
  • ​Excellent source of calorific energy
  • ​Most pitbulls love the flavor
  • Not a good choice for overweight pitbulls

The Formula Mass dog supplement for weight gain is loaded with fat. At 50% fat, pitbulls cannot afford to grow thinner. You’ll notice the difference in weight gain within week two of regular feeding.

If you are in the business of breeding pitbulls, the best dog food for pitbull puppies is right here. You will love the results. The puppies will gain weight, and the nursing moms will also look healthy.

There is nothing as disappointing as the look of an emaciated lactating dog. And it gets even worse with pitbulls. Feed them with Formula Mass dog food for better weight gain and strength. However, don’t give this food supplement to an overweight pitbull, unless you wish to suffocate them with fat.

The Formula Mass dog food is half fat and half everything else. Fat is an excellent source of energy for pitbulls. With this percentage, your dog will have enough stamina and reserve the remaining as fat. That’s how your dog is guaranteed to gain weight. Also, fat is an excellent skin conditioner. The overall appearance in your dog’s coat will change to a shinier and silky smooth texture.

This dog food for pitbulls comes in powder form. Again this is excellent for mixing with food. Your dog will lick the plate clean. The food is also easily digestible, and pitbulls can quickly absorb it in the body. It doesn’t contain grains. Therefore, you can rest assured of minimal to zero food allergy.


Muscle Bully Muscle Protein For Bullies

  • Package weight: one size
  • ​Whey protein concentrate is the main component
  • ​Sugar, artificial flavors, and salt-free
  • ​Additional nutrition: Minerals and oxidants
  • ​Significant results in high muscle build up
  • ​Enhances healthy skin, cartilage, joints, and nails for your pitbull
  • ​Balanced fat to muscle structure
  • Suitable for puppies

This supplement is rich in protein contrite that focuses on muscle build up in your pitbull. A little scoop goes a long way. The Muscle Protein for Bullies is for pitbulls who are naturally weak. If your puppies show no significant difference within four weeks, then it’s time to add muscle protein supplement to their food. It doesn’t contain steroids; therefore, it comes with a higher price tag. If you are on a budget, you might feel the pinch with this brand.

The Muscle Bully supplement contains whey protein concentrate. This is such a good source of protein. The whole food when analyzed contains 80% protein, which to many may seem like way too much. But this is a good thing because this way, you will achieve excellent muscle build with your pitbull within a short period.

The supplement is free from salt and sugars. These would otherwise impair the absorption of vital protein components. The supplement is enriched with some percentage of fat for a great source of energy.

Finally, most pitbulls love the taste of this dog food for pitbulls supplement. The smell is not pungent, and it’s easier to mix with other dog foods because it comes in powder form. Additional ingredients in this supplement help in promoting better health. You will see a significant improvement in your pitbull’s skin, nails, and overall resistance to illness.


Taste Of The Wild Dry Canine Formula

  • Package weight: 5, 15, and 30 lbs
  • ​Roasted game meat is the main protein component
  • ​It is grain free
  • ​Contains Omega 6 and 3
  • ​Gives a brighter coat to your dog
  • ​An excellent source of energy
  • ​Rich in animal protein for promoting muscle build up
  • The food is relatively dry; your dog’s water intake will increase

I saved the best for last. This is the crème de la crème of dog food for pitbulls. It is a complete meal on its own and offers a well-balanced diet. It is made from chunks of game meat, salmon, and venison. Just like the name suggests, it is meant to awaken the beast in your pitbull.

Moving on, this will be the right choice for your dog if they love real meat. Every dog loves meat, but there are dogs on another level. Such dogs tend to be picky eaters when given dog food that doesn’t give a hint of real meat in it. Do you get my point? 

The Taste of the Wild dog food is rich in protein from animal meat and salmon. This protein helps in boosting their immunity in addition to building their muscles. The process of roasting and fermenting this meat gives this food a meaty taste and smell, which makes most pitbulls love it. I am yet to see a bully who refuses to eat this brand of dog food.

The food is free from gluten and grains. These are ingredients that most pitbulls tend to react to. Consequently, you are assured of minimal to zero food reaction with your bully. Additional ingredients, such as Omega 3, promote a healthy pitbull and they also enhance immunity. Finally, a good amount of peas and sweet potato in this food provide fiber necessary for a smoother digestion.

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For an active and energetic partner, you need to buy the best dog food for pitbulls. In this case, target their specific needs. If you are trying to build up a few muscles, the muscle supplements reviewed above will come in handy. Overall, bullies have an enormous appetite and rarely will you have trouble feeding them. But that does not mean you should compromise on the quality of food you give them. Remember that a healthy bully equals a happy owner and fewer trips to the vet.

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